Canadian Daniel Ross flees from police downtown; free on pre-trial release

30-year-old Canadian Daniel Ross and his friend met with another man in a back alley in downtown Nashville, one which police say is known for heavy drug activity with tourists. Police attempted to stop all three individuals; however, Ross fled the area. Officers spoke with the other two individuals, who denied any drug transactions, while another office caught up with him a short distance away and placed him into custody. Ross initially demanded an attorney, but then continued to talk to officers, stating he gave his friend $5 but wasn’t sure what it was for.

Canadian Jacob Dougherty brawled with security at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

28-year-old Canadian Jacob Dougherty was being escorted out of Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville when he reportedly punched a bouncer, Ronald Eugene Spencer, in the face, impacting his left eye. He and security then brawled, resulting in Metro Nashville Police responding to the bar and transporting him to booking.

Canadian Michael Mackay jailed after smacking woman on her buttocks at Dream Hotel

42-year-old Canadian Michael Scott Mackay was jailed in Nashville this weekend after police say he used both hands to smack the buttocks of a woman at the bar inside the Dream Hotel. Courtney Williams says she was with a group of five friends at the hotel bar on the first floor, and Mackay approached her multiple times throughout the evening, and she continued to tell him to get away from her. The final time he approached her, he walked up from behind and “smacked her butt with both of his hands at the same time.” Hotel security was alerted, and they escorted Mackay up to his room. Police arrived and reviewed the incident, which was captured by security cameras.

Scott Rice wanders north from Broadway to Capitol Towers, believes he’s made it to Canada

35-year-old Scott Rice was found screaming and pounding on the doors of the Capitol Towers Apartment building in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Friday morning. When officers arrived, he had fallen asleep at the front of the location, and believed he had a room at the property, which was not a hotel, and believed he was in Canada. Officers say he reeked of alcohol and was extremely intoxicated. Unable to care for himself after a night of downtown drinking, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Drunk Canadian Barrett Andrew Mckay found sleeping on a downtown Nashville sidewalk

Metro Nashville Police found a Canadian, 35-year-old Barrett McKay, asleep on a Nashville sidewalk early Wednesday morning. He was sleeping so soundly that it took multiple attempts to wake him from his slumber. Once awake, it was apparent that he was heavily intoxicated, had trouble forming sentences, and politely refused medical treatment for an apparent fresh injury to his right knee. He volunteered his Canadian identification card but was unable to relay where he was staying or arrange for anyone to assist him or pick him up from the area. He was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and charged with public intoxication.

Canadian Daryl Patjas found drunk and attempting to fight on the Pedestrian Bridge

Metro Police found 30-year-old Canadian Daryl Patjas yelling at and attempting to fight random individuals on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. He even threatened officers as they responded to the area. Officers got him on his feet, and he was extremely unsteady and intoxicated. He was transported to booking and then given pre-trial release back to Canada.

Canadian Christopher O’Malley charged with brazen assault on wife in downtown Nashville

48-year-old Canadian tourist Christopher Andrew O’Malley is charged with the domestic assault of his wife at the intersection of 2nd Ave & Broadway in downtown Nashville. Bishoy Malk was downtown when he noticed Tracy O’Malley on the street, crying. As he asked if the lady needed assistance, her husband, Andrew O’Malley, walked behind her and placed her in a “rear-naked choke” (RNC) hold. Malk alerted a nearby Trooper who broke up the assault. Tracy was persistent that “nothing happened”, however, there was a street full of witnesses, including the THP Trooper.

Michael Ozzy charged with resisting arrest after being bounced from Predators Game at Bridgestone Arena

24-year-old Michael Ozzy was recording a hockey game at Bridgestone Area when he was asked to stop the activity. He reportedly continued as was eventually asked to leave the game due to not following the house rules. He left to appease security, then returned right back to the property. When officers explained he was under arrest for criminal trespass he fled. He was apprehended after a short foot pursuit, near 7th Ave & Broadway. Police say he pulled away and resisted arrest.

Canadian Football Player Ryan Bomben faces felony for bringing drugs into Nashville jail after drunken arrest

Metro Nashville Police found 34-year-old Canadian Professional Football Player Ryan Bomben banging his head against a local business in downtown Nashville, and when officers approached him he reeked of alcohol and had difficulty standing on his own. Despite multiple attempts to arrange for him to leave the area safely, there was no one to care for him and he had no idea where he was staying. He was transported to booking, where they located marijuana inside his jacket pocket once inside the facility. Bomben was charged with public intoxication and felony introducing drugs into a penal institution.

Canadian TikToking Trucker Samuel Plourde found drunk and lying in roadway; laughed when asked how much he drank

24-year-old Canadian Trucker Samuel Plourde, who has a substantial following on Tiktok, was found lying in the middle of the right turn lane of Woodland Street just after 4 a.m. Thursday. Nashville Police say he reeked of an “extreme odor” of alcohol, and just laughed uncontrollably when asked how much he had to drink. His social media shows he left for Nashville on March 7th and had since arrived and parked his truck nearby. #Video in story