Canadian Jacob Dougherty brawled with security at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

28-year-old Canadian Jacob Dougherty was being escorted out of Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville when he reportedly punched a bouncer, Ronald Eugene Spencer, in the face, impacting his left eye. He and security then brawled, resulting in Metro Nashville Police responding to the bar and transporting him to booking.

Tourist TJ Nooner charged in brutal assault of man in downtown Nashville

31-year-old Oklahoma tourist Timothy ‘TJ’ Nooner is charged with the felony aggravated assault of a man in downtown Nashville. Police say Nooner assaulted and knocked Todd Callahan unconscious at the corner of 3rd & Broadway, leaving him with serious head injuries, contusions, abrasions, and lacerations. The incident, which happened in November, was captured on MNPD cameras, and detectives were eventually able to confirm Nooner’s identity via social media. They worked with the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma and produced a photo lineup, and the victim positively identified Nooner as his assailant. He was booked into jail this week on the charge.

Drunk Canadian Barrett Andrew Mckay found sleeping on a downtown Nashville sidewalk

Metro Nashville Police found a Canadian, 35-year-old Barrett McKay, asleep on a Nashville sidewalk early Wednesday morning. He was sleeping so soundly that it took multiple attempts to wake him from his slumber. Once awake, it was apparent that he was heavily intoxicated, had trouble forming sentences, and politely refused medical treatment for an apparent fresh injury to his right knee. He volunteered his Canadian identification card but was unable to relay where he was staying or arrange for anyone to assist him or pick him up from the area. He was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and charged with public intoxication.

20-year-old Canadian arrested while drinking at Jason Aldean’s Bar — John Abbott Matthew

Metro Nashville Police say 20-year-old John Abbott Matthew was drinking alcohol at Jason Aldean’s Bar in downtown Nashville and was “heavily intoxicated”. He was unable to walk or stand without help and refused to leave when asked to do so by bar staff. He had become a “nuisance” according to police, and when they checked his identification, realized he was only 20 years of age.