Justin Fowler gets drunk and steals woman’s purse

35-year-old Justin Matthew Fowler was drunk and disorderly at Ole Red on the night of November 12th. Security flagged down officers and advised them that Fowler had taken a woman’s purse. Fowler spoke with officers about the incident and was visibly intoxicated and could not maintain his train of thought as they questioned him. He was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Scott Sanders charged with disorderly conduct after interfering with police investigation

23-year-old Scott Sanders interrupted officers as they investigated a separate incident at 2nd Ave. S on October 29th. Officers were dispatched for a call of service when Sanders began arguing with them and refused as they asked him to move away. Officers placed Sanders in custody due to interfering in an investigation and he attempted to walk up to officers again. Officers observed Sanders to be visibly intoxicated as he was continuously resistive while in custody. Sanders was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Mary Leguia drank herself unconscious in downtown Nashville, battled with police

21-year-old Mary Leguia was found unconscious on Broadway this weekend after falling on the crosswalk. Leguia’s friends dragged her to the sidewalk, and when officers arrived, they told them that she had been drinking in excess. Officers called medics to evaluate Leguia as she regained consciousness. Leguia was resistive as medics attempted to transport her to the hospital and tried to run away multiple times when officers tried to place her in custody. Officers had to put hobble restraints on Leguia after she kicked at them numerous times and attempted to kick out a rear window of the patrol car. Leguia was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Justin Wiseman jailed after selling $10 Nitrous Oxide balloons outside Phish Show

35-year-old Justin Wiseman was observed in the area of the Walk of Fame Park just outside the Phish concert in downtown Nashville this weekend. Officers described a sea of fifty to one hundred people who were all partaking in inhaling nitrous oxide via inflated balloons. Officers noted some were talkative; some were talking about how high they were; some were quiet, while others vomited. Wiseman admitted to selling balloons for $10 each and was arrested.