Koriona Harding caught with marijuana after crashing into telephone pole

20-year-old Koriona Harding crashed her car into a telephone pole on the side of Hickory Hollow Parkway in the early hours of June 26th. When officers arrived, they observed Harding sitting in her driver’s seat in a “hysterical state” and confused about what had happened before the accident. Officers prompted Harding with sobriety tests, to which she consented and performed poorly. During the tests, she did not follow instructions and, at one point, started pacing up and down the roadway as if she were showing them she could walk in a straight line. She was Mirandized and agreed to provide a blood sample after being informed of implied consent. During an inventory search of her vehicle, they located a small amount of marijuana shake. Harding was transported to Nashville General Hospital and was then taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Amanda Natoli hits partner in the head with a Grey Goose bottle; asks “Where’s your whore”

43-year-old Amanda Natoli was involved in an altercation with her romantic partner Larry Brandridge at a TownePlace Suites Nashville Midtown on June 22nd. When authorities were contacted, they were advised that a loud disturbance was coming from the room where Natoli was residing. The hotel security knocked on the door to make contact with Brandridge. When Brandridge answered, he stated that Natoli attacked him with a bottle of Grey Goose. Brandridge was bleeding from his head and had red marks on his ribs and wrist. When asked what happened, he claimed that he and Natoli had been drinking on Broadway all day, and as the day went on, she became highly intoxicated. While they were walking on Broadway, the two got into an argument. When Brandridge and Natoli returned to their room, she started yelling, asking Brandridge, “Where’s your whore? I know you’re cheating.” The argument then escalated, and Brandridge attempted to call the hotel security; however, while he was doing so, Natoli struck him three times with a grey goose bottle, once in the head, once in the ribs, and once on the wrist. Officers observed the room in disarray, located shards of glass in Brandridge’s hair, and observed large pieces scattered throughout the room. Natoli was then taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

DUI: Jennie Royston blows .183% BAC after crashing car, tells police she “blacked out”

19-year-old Jennie Royston was involved in a car accident near Clarksville Pike and Rosa L Parks Boulevard on May 20th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Royston, who stated while she was driving, she “blacked out” for a second, and before she knew it, she collided with another vehicle. The other involved party advised them that Royston crossed over the center median without headlights, making it difficult to see her before crashing into their car. While interviewing Royston, they noticed she reeked of alcohol and showed signs of impairment. Officers then asked her to perform sobriety tests, which she consented to and performed poorly. Under Miranda, she denied any alcohol consumption and, after being informed of implied consent, agreed to provide a breath sample. The breath sample resulted in a 0.183% BAC. Royston was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Brett Peterson threatens guests with handgun outside Hallmark Inn

31-year-old Brett Shannon Peterson pointed a gun at a group of guests, including Donavin Levor Moyd, outside of the West Trinity Lane Hallmark Inn late May 10th. The initial caller described a white male, later identified as Peterson, with a mustache, wearing a gray tank top, who had driven away in a turquoise F-150 STX. When officers arrived, Moyd advised them that Peterson had circled the parking lot a few times before aiming his handgun at them, adding that the gun was a semi-automatic with a wooden grip and a black barrel. Then, witnesses told them the truck was blue and had a brown toolbox in the bed. While officers were investigating, a witness pointed out the F-150 driving eastbound on West Trinity Lane. Officers followed Peterson, during which he ran a red light near Brick Church Pike and Ewing Drive before pulling into Citgo, where officers initiated a stop. When officers approached him, they noticed he matched the description provided by witnesses and located the handgun on his dashboard. Then, officers performed a “show-up,” where Moyd and a witness identified Peterson. Later, officers found footage of the occurrence, which showed Peterson in a blue truck, pointing the gun at the crowd, causing them to flee. While officers were speaking with Peterson, he reeked of alcohol and showed multiple signs of intoxication. Officers tried to prompt him with sobriety tests, but he could not finish due to him being handcuffed. Peterson refused to provide a chemical sample and was then taken into custody for an implied consent violation, driving under the influence, weapon possession while being under the influence, and aggravated assault.

Jovan McClain assaults boyfriend during scuffle over money

27-year-old Jovan McClain had a domestic incident with her boyfriend, Okeno Dixon, at her Vista Lane residence on March 8th. When the officers arrived, they spoke with both parties. Both advised that they had an altercation earlier in the day and insisted it was strictly verbal. McClain further explained that Dixon was holding some money during this argument, and she tried to take it out of his hand because some of it was hers. However, when McClain went to grab the money, she struck Dixon on his back or shoulder. McClain stated after this, Dixon hit her in the face, which ended the scuffle. Despite Dixon claiming no physical interaction occurred, officers still deemed McClain the primary aggressor. McClain was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Jordyn Denham assaults roommate during confrontation about microaggressions

20-year-old Jordyn Benet Denham and her friend, Mikayla Shaw, had a domestic dispute with her roommate, Shaniya Manae Peters, at Fisk University on the afternoon of February 2nd. On February 4th, officers were dispatched to Shane Hall of Fisk University and spoke with Peters, who advised that she confronted Denham about what she believed were microaggressions. Then, Denham left the room, returned 10 minutes later with Shaw, and initiated a verbal altercation. During this, Denham started pushing Peters with her chest and hands before striking her in the face. Shaw then joined in, and they took Peters to the floor, holding her there, asking her to stay to talk to them. Peters eventually freed herself and ran out of the room, which ended the scuffle. Officers observed multiple lacerations on the right side of Peters’ face as she advised that the incident caused a crack in the drywall. Denham was deemed as the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault on February 16th.

Aaron Moran drunkenly attempts to break into vehicles after being kicked out of multiple bars

31-year-old Aaron Michael Moran was disorderly at The Mellow Mushroom Bar on Broadway on December 22nd. Security advised officers that Moran had been kicked out of multiple bars and was attempting to get into people’s cars. Moran was visibly intoxicated, sitting on the windowsill of Rippy’s Honky Tonk as officers approached him. They offered him numerous opportunities to call a friend to take him home, but he refused. He was deemed unable to take care of himself and taken into custody for public intoxication.

Justin Fowler gets drunk and steals woman’s purse

35-year-old Justin Matthew Fowler was drunk and disorderly at Ole Red on the night of November 12th. Security flagged down officers and advised them that Fowler had taken a woman’s purse. Fowler spoke with officers about the incident and was visibly intoxicated and could not maintain his train of thought as they questioned him. He was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Scott Sanders charged with disorderly conduct after interfering with police investigation

23-year-old Scott Sanders interrupted officers as they investigated a separate incident at 2nd Ave. S on October 29th. Officers were dispatched for a call of service when Sanders began arguing with them and refused as they asked him to move away. Officers placed Sanders in custody due to interfering in an investigation and he attempted to walk up to officers again. Officers observed Sanders to be visibly intoxicated as he was continuously resistive while in custody. Sanders was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Mary Leguia drank herself unconscious in downtown Nashville, battled with police

21-year-old Mary Leguia was found unconscious on Broadway this weekend after falling on the crosswalk. Leguia’s friends dragged her to the sidewalk, and when officers arrived, they told them that she had been drinking in excess. Officers called medics to evaluate Leguia as she regained consciousness. Leguia was resistive as medics attempted to transport her to the hospital and tried to run away multiple times when officers tried to place her in custody. Officers had to put hobble restraints on Leguia after she kicked at them numerous times and attempted to kick out a rear window of the patrol car. Leguia was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest.