Fugitive Nashville man accused of murder, robbery & shooting into crowd; finally jailed

22-year-old Wesley Croichy was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism when he and a Thomas Mitchell began firing upon a crowd after two women were fighting.

Woman threatens to kill ex-friend’s unborn baby over ex-boyfriend

29-year-old Robin Wynn was charged with harassment, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and two counts of vandalism after she reportedly had been harassing Kennia Perkins since November of 2019, busted out her rearview mirror, and then hit her in the head with a tire iron.

Nashville man wrestles and bites girlfriend before stealing her car, per report

19-year-old Montavious Bass was charged with domestic assault and theft of vehicle after getting upset with his girlfriend for “talking to her child’s father” and then wrestled with and bit her before stealing her car.

Nashville man charged with disorderly, resisting after brouhaha at his apartment complex

22-year-old Tavonte Thompson was charged with disorderly and resisting when officers were alerted that he was threatening people with a weapon. Police didn’t find a weapon but a brouhaha ensued disturbing citizens.