Nashville man wrestles and bites girlfriend before stealing her car, per report

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19-year-old Montavious Bass was charged with domestic assault and theft of vehicle after getting upset with his girlfriend for “talking to her child’s father” and then wrestled with and bit her before stealing her car.

On April 7th, officers responded to the home of Eryka Young at 2400 Buena Vista Pike in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, Eryka stated that she and boyfriend Montavious Bass were involved in a verbal altercation because he accused her of “talking to her child’s father”, per the affidavit.

Montavious Bass (MNPD)

Eryka continued by stating Montavious then began threatening her by saying he was about to “snap” because she was lying. She then called her mother during the dispute so she could safely leave her home. Eryka said she was finally able to leave and as she was getting her son in her car, Montavious came up to her and started wrestling with her for the keys while in the ignition.

Eryka said she tried to fight Montavious off while still sitting in the driver’s seat. Shortly after, the keys fell and they both were trying to find them. When the keys were found, she said Montavious then bit her on her face, her left arm, and her right hand middle finger. Officers noted her visible injuries.

According to the affidavit, Montavious then got into Eryka’s car, took her son out of the car, and left the scene. Eryka said she tried to contact him with no success and then waited for him to bring her car back, but he never did and refused to reply to her calls and texts.

On April 15th, Montavious Bass was arrested and charged with domestic assault and theft of vehicle. His bond was set at $5,500.

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