Man abuses multiple women and kidnaps children over 9 month period

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41-year-old Edward Johnson was charged with 3 counts of kidnapping, 2 counts of domestic assault, aggravated assault, interference with a 911 call, vandalism, and theft after evading police for nine months.

On November 17th of 2019, Metro Nashville Detective McBride was made aware of a domestic altercation by west patrol regarding Sherika Skelton, Edward Johnson, and their three-year-old son. Skelton advised McBride that she and Johnson have been in a relationship for 9 years and they have children together. She stated they had dropped her children off at her mother’s house and as they drove away an argument ensued. During the course of the argument, things escalated and Johnson shoved Skelton’s while she was driving and she hit her face on the driver’s side window. DetectiveMcBride observed a knot above her right eye which corroborated her story.

Edward Johnson (MNPD)
Edward Johnson (MNPD)

On April 27th, 2020, Metro Nashville Police Officers responded to a domestic incident at 500 Wedgewood Avenue. When police arrived, they made contact with Shatara Stone who stated she was in a vehicle with her boyfriend, Edward Johnson. She wanted him to take her home because she drank that night and did not feel well. She stated Johnson attempted to take her somewhere else and when she insisted that she wanted to go home he punched her in the face. Johnson proceeded to stop the vehicle near 500 Wedgewood and forced her to get out. Police observed bruising under her right eye and photographed the injury.

On July 29th, 2020, Marquisha Holt called for Metro Nashville Police stating she had been kidnapped and strangled by her boyfriend, Edward Johnson, on South 7th at James Cayce. When the police arrived, Johnson had already fled the scene in Holt’s 2015 silver Nissan Altima. She advised officers that she had picked up Johnson from an apartment complex located at 2400 Buena Vista Pike earlier in the evening. Holt stated she had not spoken with Johnson in a few days due to his jealous and controlling nature, but agreed to meet him. Holt had her juvenile sons with her and the four of them went to Shelby Park and Johnson consumed five twelve ounce bottles of Bud Ice beers.

Johnson proceeded to tell Holt he needed to go gather some belongings at his cousin’s residence located at the South 7th apartment listed above. They all entered the residence when they arrived so Holt’s son could use the bathroom. An argument ensued when Holt refused to let Johnson view her phone. Holt stated he began to accuse her of cheating and strangled her until she peed herself. He also struck her in the face, head, and torso multiple times. Johnson also threw warm grease on her which officers could see and smell when gathering Holt’s statement. She advised police that at one point during this altercation Johnson locked Holt and her son’s in a bedroom, destroyed her son’s phone, and refused to let them leave. He proceeded to force her children into her vehicle knowing Holt would follow. Johnson drove around for fifteen minutes before telling Holt they were all going to die. Holt eventually convinced Johnson to stop at a gas station for cigarettes. Once at the Shell gas station located at 10th and Shelby, Holt was able to exit the vehicle. Johnson struck her several more times before he removed her sons from the car and fled the scene.

On October 13th, Edward Johnson was arrested and charged with two counts of domestic assault causing bodily harm, interference with a 911 call, vandalism, aggravated assault with strangulation, theft of a vehicle, aggravated kidnapping, and two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $210,000 bond.

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