“Come up with it” woman yells while robbing gas station with a large knife

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32-year-old Ashley Bowling was charged with aggravated robbery after she robbed a gas station with a large knife, where she took money and cigarettes.

On September 15th, Cornita Waters, an employee at the Mapco located at 4126 Gallatin Pike, reported a robbery that occurred at the gas station. She stated that a man and woman, later identified as Ashley Bowling, walked into the gas station and asked for a cigar. When Cornita turned to get one, the two got behind the counter and held a large knife to her. She then stated that Ashley demanded she “come up with it.” Ashley then took money from the cash register and they both put boxes of cigarettes into a bag before fleeing.

Ashley Bowling (MNPD)

Crime Scene Investigator Officer Warren Fleak was able to lift prints off a pack of cigarettes that were dropped at the scene belonging to Ashley, along with footage that shows the woman having the same physical stature as Ashley. She later confessed to committing the crime after being interviewed at the East Precinct located at 936 East Trinity Lane, but would not identify the man involved.

On October 14th, Ashley Bowling was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

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