“I stabbed a b*tch”; “look what you made me do” says woman who stabbed a b*tch

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24-year-old Destiny Gurley was charged with assault, resisting, evading arrest, vandalism, and burglary after a woman said she beat her, tied her up, drove her across town, and stabbed her when she tried to escape.

On October 4th, Metro Nashville Police were called to a stabbing at 2305 Buena Vista Pike. When officers arrived, they made contact with Markeisha Banks, who had a stab wound on her left abdomen and right thigh as well as swelling to her forehead. Markeisha told officers that the two women were at Destiny Gurley’s Edgehill Apartments home when an argument escalated and Gurley became violent. Gurley hit Banks in the face repeatedly, proceeded to tie her hands together, and refused to let her leave.

Destiny Gurley (MNPD)
Destiny Gurley (MNPD)

Eventually, Gurley forced Banks into her car, telling her she was going to stab someone. Banks tried to escape but tripped, allowing Gurley to catch her. Gurley stabbed Banks twice then told her “Look what you made me do.” Gurley then drove to 2400 Buena Vista Pike, otherwise known as Overlook Ridge Apartments, looking for her child’s father. When they arrived, Banks attempted to grab Gurley’s phone but was caught and told “now would be the best time…to run.” Banks ran to multiple houses until she was able to get someone to call 911.

Officers went to 2400 Buena Vista Pike to look for Gurley. Carmarisha Griffin had also called the authorities about Gurley. Griffin told officers Gurley had come to her apartment and told her she had “already stabbed a bitch” and wanted to tell her child goodbye before she went to jail. When Griffin told her the child was not at the residence, Gurley grabbed a crowbar and shattered the front window to try and gain entry. She also sliced Griffin’s tires and multiple people witnessed the incident.

When officers arrived at the apartment complex Gurley tried to walk away from them, they told her to put her hands behind her back and she took off running instead. Eventually, she was taken to the ground by an arriving officer and placed in handcuffs after a struggle.

Destiny Gurley was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, attempted aggravated burglary, vandalism of $1,000 or less, resisting stop, frisk, halt, arrest or search, and evading arrest. On October 12th, the assault and burglary charges were dismissed but she is still jailed and awaiting trial on the other charges.

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