Man charged after assaulting pregnant sister; yanks child out of moving car

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28-year-old Treon Harvell was charged with two counts of domestic assault, child endangerment, and vandalism after he assaulted the mother of his child and snatched his son out of her moving car as she attempted to flee.

On July 24th, Metro Nashville Police Officers were dispatched to 153 Brenda Court to meet with Corena Harvell. She told officers her brother, Treon Harvell, had assaulted her. Corena, who was pregnant, reported she and her child’s father were in their car when Treon came outside and began to attack her child’s father.

Treon Harvell (MNPD)
Treon Harvell (MNPD)

She reported that as the men continued to argue about a pair of shorts, Corena told her child’s father to leave for his safety. Corena picked up her two-year-old son and followed Treon inside. He continued to scream at her and hit her in the face. She stated he went into her room and she heard things being thrown, dropped, and damaged. Treon left the residence and Corena went into her room to find her 65in Panasonic television knocked on the floor, nonfunctional.

On October 28th, Metro Nashville Police Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at 197 Haywood Lane. Kodrecka Shelton told officers she was at 153 Brenda Court to pick up her child, when Treon Harvell, the child’s father, brought the child outside and put him in the back seat of Shelton’s car. She reported Harvell snatched her phone and threw her phone in the yard. As she went to get her phone the two began to argue as she went back to her car. Kodrecka said Harvell grabbed her by her hair, pulled her back out of the car, and began to hit her in the face with his hand.

She stated as she tried to drive off, she heard a neighbor yell, “YOUR BABY.” She looked back to see the back door of her car open. Harvell had grabbed the child by the arm and pulled him from the moving car, causing the child to fall to the ground. She stopped to put the child back into the car and fled to 197 Haywood Lane, where she contacted the police. Police did note she had two small cuts on her lower and upper lip and the child stated his back hurt.

On October 29th, Treon Harvell was arrested and charged with two counts of domestic assault, child endangerment, and vandalism. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $255,000 bond.

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