Woman charged with Class B Cocaine felony (8+ years) gets 6 months probation in plea

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53-year-old Vicki Melvin now has 36 charges spread among 21 arrests, covering drugs, theft, assault, weapons, prostitution, and driving related charges. Her most recent arrest was on Monday, when Metro Police were patrolling the area of Linbar Drive and Harding Place. Officers say they observed Melvin in the area, and knew her to have an outstanding warrant, which was verified as active.

As she was placed into custody, she reportedly told officers she had a crack pipe in her purse, and it was located during a search, along with 2.5 grams of crack cocaine, which was in a cigarette pack in her purse. Police say she confirmed it was crack cocaine, and that based on the amount, they charged her with possession with intent, along with a paraphernalia charge.

Vickie Melvin (MNPD)

If convicted, the possession with intent charge for 2.5 grams of crack cocaine is a Class B felony, which carries 8+ years in prison as a sentence. Melvin went ahead and took a plea at her initial hearing, less than 24 hours after arrest, where the District Attorney’s office agreed to drop the paraphernalia charge, and reduce the Class B felony to a misdemeanor simple possession charge, for which she was give a 6-month probated sentence. For comparison,¬†Melvin once got a much harsher sentence of 14 days for driving on a revoked license, a 20 day sentence for shoplifting and a 30-day-sentence for prostitution.

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