Timothy Moore attacked a woman; she grabbed him by the balls in self-defense

20-year-old Timothy Moore was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from December 2022, when he assaulted Neveah Douglas after an argument turned violent on Hicks Road. Police responded to a neighbor’s house, where they met with Ms. Douglas, who was bleeding from her eye and in severe pain. She told police that an argument started about Moore being upset that his family wasn’t there for him. He threw a black and mild at her throat, and the argument escalated. When Ms. Douglas threatened to call the police, Moore got on top of her and strangled her, so she grabbed him by the balls to get him off of her then he slapped her in the face. The slaps turned into punches, and he reportedly hit her in the eye with a remote.

Eric Butler punched in balls after attacking his ex-girlfriend

37-year-old Eric Butler was jailed on Tuesday afternoon after strangling his ex-girlfriend, Savannah Price, after she turned the light on while he was asleep, causing him to get angry, and they started arguing. He reportedly came up and strangled her from behind, and she struggled to breathe. She hit him in the balls to free herself from the strangulation. Butler then hit her in her hip while her back was turned, leaving a large bruise.

Savannah Black charged with trespassing inside another woman’s home

29-year-old Savannah Black is charged with criminal trespass after she was found in the home of Tessa Roberton on Mountain Valley Drive without consent. As she entered Roberton’s room, she was immediately told to leave the residence, and she encountered police outside as she exited. She was issued a state citation.

Parker Jones spits in officer’s mouth, kicks another in testicles after fighting parents

Police say 18-year-old Richard Parker Jones (AKA rparkeyjones from the forklift video) was in an argument with his parents, upset they would not co-sign a car loan for him. Officers responded to the Whitworth Way home of Donald Bradly Jones and Beth Higgins Jones on the afternoon of January 16 after the teenager had punched his father in the face and head before placing him in a choke-hold in a fit of rage. The mother’s 911 call states her son was attempting to strangle his father, then pushed his mother. The parents eventually restrained him, but he escaped their grasp after a short time and began to punch holes throughout the walls of the home before fleeing. Officers encountered him nearby, and as they were taking him into custody, he kicked Officer Blake Langford in the testicles, spit into Officer Jared Dick’s mouth, and spit on Sgt. Ky Luu. Jones was restrained and contained, and transported to booking. At the time of his arrest, Jones had an outstanding warrant charging him with the theft of two cases of White Claws from a Nashville Mapco store.

Shelly Reppert charged with DUI after West Nashville crash

32-year-old Michelle Lynn “Shelly” Reppert was involved in an injury crash on Charlotte Ave on October 15th and appeared to be intoxicated when officers and medics responded to the scene. When asked, Reppert admitted to being “more sensitive to alcohol” and having a “few drinks with dinner.” She later admitted she should not have been driving. Reppert performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI.