Manager Christian Tyler named as McThief of downtown McDonald’s

21-year-old Christian Tyler is a manager at the McDonald’s on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Two weeks ago, he abruptly stopped showing up for work. At that same time, Grayco Management noticed multiple discrepancies in the store’s cash deposits made between April 7 and April 30. After reviewing security footage, Tyler was observed on four separate occasions concealing cash into his waistband instead of placing it into the Loomis safe. The total amount of the missing money was determined to be $5,589. The management company left him multiple messages to return the money, and he eventually blocked their number and never returned to work.

21-year-old says he “might have had an attraction to minor boys in the past” — Jacob Nipper found with videos

21-year-old Jacob Nipper (AKA Jake King) is free on a $10,000 bond, via Smiley’s Bail Bonding, after police located over 100 sexual images and videos of minor boys, some as young as toddlers, in his online storage accounts. He admitted to watching the videos approximately once per week, and when asked if he had an attraction to minor boys, he told a detective that he didn’t anymore, however, he might have in the past. Nipper is charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, full details in story.

McDonald’s Manager admits to stealing over 13K from deposits & fake employee payroll — Kelly Harris

55-year-old Kelly Harris is charged with the felony theft of over $13,000 from McDonald’s. As a salaried manager at the Donelson Pike location, court records allege she took money from the nightly cash deposits, added extra hours to her daughter’s paychecks, and paid hours in the name of a terminated employee to a payroll card which she was in possession of. Harris confessed during an interview.