Jordan Hubbard charged with DUI after 2 a.m. crash in West Nashville

27-year-old Jordan Hubbard was involved in a traffic accident near Charlotte and 25th Ave just after 2 a.m. Saturday. Both parties refused medical attention, and when officers spoke to Hubbard, he admitted to drinking prior to driving. Hubbard stated he consumed one drink, containing mostly rum, at approximately 10 p.m. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests, showing “great signs of impairment,” according to police. He was transported to booking, where he blew a 0.132% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Aaron Edwards flees to his home after striking another vehicle in crash

20-year-old Aaron Conner Edwards was driving in Antioch when he struck another vehicle driven by Geneva Wilkerson. He fled from the scene of the accident and drove to his home on Towne Village Rd, where he told his mother he crashed into a pole. He was outside when officers approached and fled inside the home when they commanded him to stop. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with evading arrest and failure to file a report.