Bryan Rodriguez-Teletor charged with rioting after being a spectator at a Nashville street takeover

18-year-old Bryan Rodriguez-Teletor reportedly observed a “street takeover” as a spectator on Nolensville Road late Saturday night, where multiple vehicles drove recklessly and took over the street, preventing lawful citizens from going about their business. Bryan was a passenger in a vehicle that was driven by a juvenile. When police attempted to conduct a stop on the vehicle, it fled, and the juvenile failed to fully stop at three subsequent traffic stops.

Spectator Khamane Obiefuna jailed after attending street racing meet-up in Nashville

18-year-old Khamane Obiefuna was one of several street racers jailed Saturday night after a meetup on Logistics Way. Officers stated they had been following the group all night in an attempt to break it up as they continued to change locations. A group of 50-100 people remained when officers arrived at the Amazon property in Antioch, and they were spinning in the pit, placing multiple people in danger, according to police. Metro Nashville Police admit that Allen “did not actively participate in the reckless behavior” himself; he was present for the illegal gathering to observe illegal activities.

Arrested at Nickelback— Ethan Blackburn “Far Away” from home in West Virginia

20-year-old Ethan Blackburn was reportedly extremely intoxicated and annoying cops while at a Nickelback concert at Bridgestone Arena in downtown Nashville. On August 1st, an MNPD officer was dispatched to Bridgestone Arena to help Officer Brazee, who was placing someone into custody and being thwarted by Ethan. Officer Brazee said that while they placed the person in Ethan’s party under arrest, Ethan became disruptive and interfered with the investigation. He was reported to have slurred speech, watery eyes, and smelling strongly of alcohol. Police placed him into custody for public intoxication.

Hit-and-Run: Isabella Cook flees, says she “didn’t know what to do,” so she did nothing

21-year-old Isabella Cook told police she “didn’t know what to do” after she crashed into another vehicle and fled the scene on April 26. The person she hit was able to capture her plate number, and the responding officer was able to contact Cook. Upon speaking to Cook, who had her grandmother on the phone call, she claimed she didn’t stop as she wasn’t sure of how it worked and what she should do. She left the other vehicle with significant damage and agreed to meet officers to receive a citation.

Cami Stangel drunkenly chases boyfriend inside arena after Jelly Roll concert Friday night

48-year-old Cami Stangel was found “chasing her boyfriend around” inside the Bridgestone Arena after the Jelly Roll concert Friday night. Officers say the couple was initially engaged in a domestic dispute, according to bystanders, and she admitted she had “too much to drink.” Due to her aggressive behavior and level of intoxication, she was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Elijah Young jailed after drunk and disorderly disturbance at Kid Rock’s Bar

32-year-old Elijah Young was at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville Friday night, where he became drunk and disorderly, causing a disturbance to bar operations and other patrons. He got into a physical struggle with security and was detained until police arrived to take him into custody.

Jordan Higgins smashes ex-wife’s windshield when she picks him up at airport

When 44-year-old Jordan Higgins was picked up by his ex-wife at the Nashville International Airport on October 18th, the pair argued and were immediately disagreeable. Jordan became so upset he struck the windshield of Olivia’s car, breaking it, and injuring his hand. The two then continued their journey back to their shared residence in Murfreesboro but only got to Donelson Pike and Airport Center Drive before they were involved in an automobile crash. As officers inquired about the broken windshield, Jordan admitted to smashing it, and stated he’d “rather hurt something material than his wife.”

Jacqueline Wolf found drunk & belligerent at Morgan Wallen concert in downtown Nashville

25-year-old Jacqueline Wolf was at the Morgan Wallen concert in downtown Nashville Friday and was in someone’s seat. When asked to produce her own ticket to verify where she was supposed to be seated she became extremely belligerent and yelled and swore at staff. She was heavily intoxicated and admitted she was “a little drunk”. She was turned over to MNPD who charged her with public intoxication.

Clerk locks door on ‘Twisted Tea’ thief, who breaks through the glass to escape — Brandon King

Metro Police say a clerk at an Antioch convenience store locked 33-year-old Brandon King inside the store when he attempted to flee with two “tall boy” cans of Twisted Tea, stating “I ain’t paying for this shit”. As the clerk retrieved the cans from the repeat offender’s possession, King busted through the glass of the locked doors, causing approximately $3,500 in damages. The amount was known, since King has busted out the doors once before, during a near-identical shoplifting attempt.

Woman charged with strangling boyfriend, stealing his phone & wallet — Cierra Hammonds arrested

23-year-old Cierra Hammonds is free on a $2,500 bond after police say she strangled, bit, and scratched her boyfriend, Tevinn Wynn, then took his phone and wallet, refusing to return them. The victim sustained a bite mark, fingernail marks, and reported his throat and Adam’s apple were both sore as a result of the assault.