Laniece Gethers charged after punching husband in face as kids overheard while playing video games

45-year-old Laniece Gethers was jailed on April 8th after beating up her husband at their home on Summercrest Court and spoke with Jeffrey Gethers, who said he and his wife got into an argument while he was heading upstairs to go to sleep. The argument escalated, and Laniece punched him in the face, just above his left eye, causing visible injury. Officers spoke with two juveniles who were present during the incident. Jeffrey’s son told police he was playing a video game and heard both parties fighting and his dad yelling, “STOP HITTING ME, GET OFF ME!” Jeffrey’s daughter told police that she heard her dad yell for her to come help, and she witnessed Laniece punching him.

Darwin Alvarado punches woman in a dispute over cleaning the house — Antioch Behavior

28-year-old Darwin Alvarado was jailed Saturday morning after punching a woman in the face on Baby Ruth Lane. Yandery Lindinger told police that Alvarado arrived at the apartment, and they got into an argument about the apartment about the cleanliness of the apartment. The argument escalated when Alvarado punched Lindinger in the chest and the face. Police observed a red and swollen lip. Erlinda Lindinger was a witness to the incident.

Ramona Lavender: racial slurs, spit, & urine — oh, what a night! #Arrested

Police say 26-year-old Ramona Lavender and her sister were coming home from a bar when they were involved in a crash in Antioch Friday night. She was yelling and screaming at her sibling when police arrived and then turned her outrage toward officers as they asked questions related to the investigation. She then threatened to shoot the other involved driver, Justin Mathias, and shoot up his house. Once in the rear of a patrol car, she screamed racial slurs at officers, covered the car in her spit, and tried to kick out the windows. Once at booking, she spits on several officers, one of them directly in the face, then stated she had to use the restroom, at which point she pulled her pants down and urinated across the seats in the booking area.

Woman charged after firing gun into neighbor’s Nob Hill apartment — Taylor Jones

Metro Nashville Police say 25-year-old Taylor Jones admitted to firing a Taurus 9mm handgun while inside her bedroom, in the direction of her closet. The bullet went through her wall, and into her neighbor’s occupied apartment, passing through several walls from her bathroom, closet, and bedroom. While no one was injured, the neighbor was in fear of her life. Taylor Jones was charged with reckless endangerment of an occupied habitation and is free on a $50,000 bond.