Kelly Chambers scratches & bites boyfriend during argument over infidelity

32-year-old Kelly Chambers had a domestic incident with her boyfriend, Michael Fahmy, at his Jackson Downs Boulevard residence on June 21st. Fahmy told responding officers that he and Chambers had a verbal dispute regarding infidelity, during which she threw his medication on the ground. Then, after the officers left, Fahmy called them back, stating Chambers had just scratched and bitten him. When officers returned, they noticed the visible injury on his right arm and detained Chambers for the occurrence. Chambers was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Brelkis Hernandez scratches husband during argument about drinking alcohol

24-year-old Brelkis Hernandez was involved in a domestic altercation with her husband, Juan Juarez, at her Old Hickory Boulevard apartment residence on June 7th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Hernandez, who stated she and Juarez had gotten into a verbal altercation. Hernandez stated that Juarez had been harassing her, and she asked him to get counseling. She also claimed that there was no physical violence or threats of violence during the altercation. Officers then spoke with Juarez, who stated they had been in an argument about them both drinking alcohol. Juarez informed officers that the dispute turned physical, and Hernandez scratched him. Officers observed the scratches to his neck and questioned Hernandez about it, and she stated, “Well, then he hit me.” Officers could not find any injuries to Hernandez. Due to the statements made and injuries shown, Hernandez was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Laniyah Kendrick disturbs officers during investigation

19-year-old Laniyah Kendrick was taken into custody on June 9thth. after officers received multiple calls regarding a fight between multiple parties at Kendrick’s Davenport Road residence. While investigating, Kendrick walked into the house and started screaming during the fight, so officers warned her that her behavior impeded their duties. After they made an arrest, she was escorted to the patrol vehicle, and Kendrick started screaming again, rousing the nearby residents.

DUI: Tucker Abel moseys 20 mph on I-24, hits median multiple times

22-year-old Tucker Abel was taken into custody on June 8th for driving under the influence. Alicia Gill called the police, advising them that she followed a red Honda CRV from Mile Marker 54 on I-24 East to Mile Marker 221A on I-40 East. During this time, she observed the vehicle going 20 miles per hour on the interstate and striking the median multiple times. When officers arrived, they noticed Abel standing near the driver’s side of her vehicle on the left shoulder of I-40 East. Officers noticed Abel smelled strongly of alcohol, and he admitted he had three mixed drinks. He consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. While detained, Abel asked officers to get his vape from the center console.

Ja’Toni Clay strikes family member multiple times during altercation over car ride

20-year-old Ja’Toni Clay had a domestic dispute with Tony Clay at The Arbours of Hermitage Apartment complex on May 9th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Tony, who stated he drove to Ja’Toni’s workplace to pick her up, during which a verbal altercation ensued. This caused Tony to leave and return to his apartment. Tony said when he arrived, Ja’Toni had already found transportation to where he was and started striking him multiple times, leaving visible marks on his arm. Then, officers spoke with Ja’Toni, who told them that Tony attempted to drive away with her leg still in the car, which angered her. Ja’Toni called an Uber and returned to The Arbours of Hermitage to wait for him to show up. She said when he arrived, she started hitting him until her boyfriend intervened. Ja’Toni Clay was deemed the primary aggressor and was then taken into custody for domestic assault and not having a driver’s license.

Schlai Davis punches Taco Bell employee during argument in drive-thru

20-year-old Schlai Lynrie Davis had an altercation with Cameron Hurt, a Taco Bell employee at the Old Hickory Boulevard location, at the drive-thru window in the early hours of March 14th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Hurt, who advised that he and Davis had a dispute over an order. Davis reached through the window and grabbed the food bag during the argument. Hurt attempted to stop Davis as she grabbed the food, so she responded by punching him in the face. After the investigation, a warrant was issued for Davis’ arrest. Later, on March 27th, Davis was seen speeding down I-40. Officers conducted speed enforcement when they observed her going 90 mph in a 55-mph zone and initiated a traffic stop. During questioning, it was discovered that Davis did not have a valid driver’s license. Davis was taken into custody for driving without a valid license and assault on March 27th.

DUI: Lucas Lee has multiple drinks before crashing into light pole

22-year-old Lucas Lee was involved in a single-car accident at the Murfreesboro Pike and Arlington Avenue intersection in the early hours of Christmas Eve. Officers arrived and observed Lee’s vehicle in the grass median and a destroyed light pole blocking a lane. Lee advised them that he was at a bar and had consumed alcohol before driving. They observed him to be visibly intoxicated as they located multiple bottle caps for alcoholic beverages and a shot glass in his car. He refused to take sobriety tests and was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Markeveyon Hicks punches girlfriend during infidelity dispute

24-year-old Markeveyon Hicks was arguing with his girlfriend, Breanna Myricks, on November 18th regarding issues of faith in their relationship. The altercation escalated to the point that Hicks punched her in the face, causing visible injuries to her lips. Myricks attempted to defend herself and left the scene to find a safe place to call the police. Hicks was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Zacchaeus Lee charged with punching roommate during argument

21-year-old Zacchaeus Lee was jailed Tuesday morning after reportedly assaulting his roommate on Shorewind Bay. Officers spoke with Brian Russell, who stated that Lee forced himself into his room, and the two began arguing. The argument moved to the living room and escalated when Lee punched Brian in the face, causing visible bodily injury to his left cheek. A witness on the scene stated he saw both parties fighting through a camera located inside the house.

Laniece Gethers charged after punching husband in face as kids overheard while playing video games

45-year-old Laniece Gethers was jailed on April 8th after beating up her husband at their home on Summercrest Court and spoke with Jeffrey Gethers, who said he and his wife got into an argument while he was heading upstairs to go to sleep. The argument escalated, and Laniece punched him in the face, just above his left eye, causing visible injury. Officers spoke with two juveniles who were present during the incident. Jeffrey’s son told police he was playing a video game and heard both parties fighting and his dad yelling, “STOP HITTING ME, GET OFF ME!” Jeffrey’s daughter told police that she heard her dad yell for her to come help, and she witnessed Laniece punching him.