Kaleb Keanaaina allegedly holds woman against her will at Rodeway Inn for a week

26-year-old Kaleb Ryan Keanaaina was taken into custody for aggravated kidnapping and fugitive from justice on April 15th. On April 14th, around 9:45 p.m., Autumn Wade went to the Central Precinct on Korean Veterans Boulevard to file a report, stating she had been held against her will by Keanaaina since April 6th. She told police that she moved from Morristown to do tattoo work with him and started living with him about a month ago. Then, Wade said on April 6th, she tried to leave, but he would not let her, and since then, he punched, strangled, and stomped her head, causing her to have multiple seizures. She said that Keanaaina knew she had a brain aneurysm and believed he was trying to rupture it. Wade added that he threatened her with a scalpel to hinder her from leaving. Due to her seizures, an ambulance was called, and she was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital. She provided officers with photos from April 6th, showing her with a black eye, blood around her eye, and scratches on her neck. Officers also noticed a bruise above her right eye, took pictures, and added them to the incident report. Officers checked Wade’s history and discovered it showed a report from April 6th, which was called in by a third-party caller, later identified as Keanaaina’s ex-girlfriend, Abby Rylon, who stated Wade texted her saying she was being held hostage at the Red Roof Inn. Officers went there on that day and could not locate Wade. Then, Rylon stated she went to the Rodeway Inn around 5:00 p.m. and “broke out” Wade, adding that Keanaaina had done this with her also. Then, on April 15th, around 3:30 a.m., officers arrived at Rodeway Inn to serve Keanaaina a warrant, located him, and detained him. While doing this, officers also discovered Keanaaina had an out-of-state warrant from Wisconsin.

Malachi Laws & Tereesa Robinson charged with trafficking teenager for sex in Nashville

23-year-old Malachi Laws & 24-year-old Tereesa Robinson were charged with promoting prostitution on Monday afternoon after an 18-year-old victim’s mother called the police about her daughter, who has been missing for the last few months. She told police that she was worried about possible trafficking. Officers found the victim in a room at Red Roof Inn. She stated that she was living there with Laws and Robinson. She stated she was in a relationship with both individuals and that they were all from Ohio. The victim told police before coming to Tennessee, she was in Baltimore, and they used Robinson’s car to travel. Detectives asked who was paying for the room, and the victim answered that both Laws and Robinson took turns renting the room. Detectives verified the information with the front desk.

The victim told detectives that she had an ad on an erotic website called “megapersonals” which Ms. Robinson helped her create. The victim told detectives she was sleeping with men for money, and at first, she was able to keep some of the money from the deals but now she wasn’t allowed to keep any of the money and had to give it to Mr. Laws. The customers paid in CashApp, ApplePay, and cash. She stated that although Mr. Laws had never been abusive towards her, she was still afraid of what he would do if she stopped.

April Keen: “He better not bond me out, or I’ll beat him again!”

38-year-old April Keen is charged with the domestic assault of her husband, Homer Keen. He says he was asleep in their room at the Red Roof Inn when she suddenly jumped on top of him, yelling and hitting him. Officers documented injuries to the victim’s face, nose, right eye, and blood around his left ear. April’s clothing was blood-covered, and she stated she didn’t know how it got there. During her transport to booking, she stated, “he better not come bond me out, or I will beat his ass again.”

Front desk clerk charged with theft of Xanax from guest’s hotel room

32-year-old Sara Weaver is charged with aggravated burglary after she was captured on video entering a guest’s hotel room at a Nashville Red Roof Inn where she worked as a front desk clerk. She is accused of taking a bottle of prescribed Xanax pills and using her hotel master key to commit the crime.

Woman stopped for warrants found with needle; bites security when leaving hospital

33-year-old Morgan Hammer was charged with criminal impersonation, assault, and drug paraphernalia after she bit a hospital security guard while MNPD was taking her into custody due to a warrant regarding her failure to be booked in June.

Drunk man causes disturbance at Red Roof Inn

34-year-old Martell Miller was charged with public intoxication after he was found yelling outside the Red Roof Inn and causing an “unreasonable annoyance”, according to the affidavit.

Man found with multiple bags of Heroin, Meth, & a digital scale, all tucked under his scrotum

Nicholas Lee Handy, 36, is jailed in lieu of a $37,500 bond after police found him with some extra packages under his ‘package’. Multiple items were retrieved from beneath Handy’s scrotum, including crystal methamphetamine, heroin, a digital scale, and multiple empty baggies.

Man asked police to help locate and retrieve meth he left in hotel room, they obliged

Officers told Walden they were going to make contact with the people in his hotel room, and he gave them the room number, and asked the officers if they could search for and locate the rest of the crystal meth he had left in the hotel room, while they were there.