“Daddy needs to get help”, man says to baby after bizarre drug arrest in Nashville

Witnesses say 36-year-old Charles Waynick was “holding his baby in front of him as if he were going to drop the child, while looking up to the sky with this eyes closed, and making weird noises” earlier this month and called police. During his arrest, he asked if he could kiss his child. He was allowed to do so, and stated: “Daddy needs to get help”.

ARREST: Chase Clark Knocks Drunk Brother Out with Choke Hold to get him into an Uber | Tequila Cowboy

Some Christmas Eve’s are better than others. In the early morning hours of Sunday, Police arrived to 3rd Ave North, just outside of Tequila Cowboy, to find a man on the ground, unconscious. As it turned out, this was a result of his brother putting him in a choke hold to knock him out, after his now unconscious brother attempted to “kick him in the nuts”. Here’s what happened. The two brothers, from Benton KY, were drinking at Tequila Cowboy downtown when the bouncer told Chase Clark that his brother…