Michael Arnold found with two handguns after DUI traffic stop on I-440

34-year-old Michael Arnold of Bethesda, MD, was traveling over 90 mph on I-440 when he swerved and nearly struck a police patrol vehicle Saturday evening. Officers conducted a traffic stop and found Arnold to be extremely intoxicated and reeking of alcohol. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.247% BAC on a breathalyzer. Inside the vehicle, officers discovered four empty Whiteclaw cans, one empty Twisted Tea can, and two consumed screwdrivers. A Glock handgun was located in the driver’s side door, and a Colt revolver was in an unlocked compartment.

Mason Gray Cunningham charged after rowdy behavior in downtown Nashville

24-year-old Mason Gray Cunningham was jailed on April 16th for acting aggressively despite the officer’s command to stop. Police responded to Third Avenue, where they witnessed two men yelling at each other aggressively. Bystanders broke them up, and the police told them both to leave. However, Cunningham didn’t go; he continued to yell and try to fight. He was taken into custody due to the likelihood that his violent and threatening behavior would continue in public.

Tourist Josh Petti punches citizen on Broadway in downtown Nashville in front of police officer

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative Thursday night on Broadway observed 29-year-old Joshua Aaron Petti punch another person in the face on the sidewalk in front of Luck Bastard Saloon just before 11 p.m. Officer Coleman attempted to take Petti into custody but was met with resistance as he pulled away. Officers eventually took Petti to the ground to gain control of him, and continued to struggle until he was transported to booking.

Tourist too drunk for Honky Tonk Central — Blake William Miller charged with public intoxication

24-year-old Blake William Miller was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Saturday evening just after 8 p.m. as he caused a disturbance at Honky Tonk Central and refused to leave after he was kicked out of the bar. Security eventually had to call Metro Police Officers and encountered Miller, who initially claimed to have left his debit card inside, but then changed his mind about its location, and noticed he was heavily intoxicated. After Miller continued to refuse to leave the premises, he was transported to booking, and charged with public intoxication.