Brendan Fielder Pitts knocks out roommate in downtown Nashville fight

Police say 26-year-old Brendan Fielder Pitts punched his roommate, Alain De Villiers, square in the face at 4th & Demonbreun in downtown Nashville Sunday night. The two reportedly argued about how drunk Brendan was and decided to leave. As Alain called for a ride, his roommate punched him, knocking him unconsciously momentarily. As he continued, Brendan caught up with him and punched him again, throwing him to the ground. Brendan also stole the keys to the house and attempted to flee as police arrived.

Gabriel Gwirtsman charged with ramming another man, using his vehicle

Metro Nashville Police say 26-year-old Gabriel Gwirtsman followed Irais Hernandez in the area of Bicentennial Mall Park in downtown Nashville and intentionally rammed his vehicle into the victim’s vehicle. The victim believed his life to be in immediate danger and was injured in the road rage incident.

Christopher Helmke charged after placing victim in “MMA chokehold” during argument

27-year-old Christopher Helmke was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail in the early hours of Sunday morning after Carrie Albohn says he strangled her during a domestic disturbance. A witness to the incident, Thomas Albohn, confirmed the couple was in a “heated argument” that became physical when Helmke placed his arm around her neck in what he described as a “MMA choke hold.” The victim’s airway was restricted, at which point the witness stepped in to intervene.

John Tristen Mitchell steals ex-girlfriend’s laundry basket; assaults sister on same day

Police say 26-year-old John Tristen Mitchell forcibly entered the residence of his ex-girlfriend, Catherine Parker, on October 15th. Once inside her home, he began to break light fixtures and other glass objects that belongs to Parker. Prior to leaving, he took her laundry basket, emptied the contents on the floor, and absconded with the laundry basket. On that same day, Mitchell met with his sister, McKenzie Mitchell, on Charlotte Pike and got into a verbal argument. He escalated the argument into an assault by pulling his sister’s hair and pushing her to the ground, where he punched and slapped her in the face multiple times before fleeing the scene. Mitchell is charged with aggravated burglary, domestic assault, theft, and vandalism.