Gabriel Gwirtsman charged with ramming another man, using his vehicle

Metro Nashville Police say 26-year-old Gabriel Gwirtsman followed Irais Hernandez in the area of Bicentennial Mall Park in downtown Nashville and intentionally rammed his vehicle into the victim’s vehicle. The victim believed his life to be in immediate danger and was injured in the road rage incident.

Downtown bouncer sold bottles of Jack Daniel’s to undercover TABC Agent — Tyler Hunt

31-year-old Tyler Hunt was recently booked on a misdemeanor citation charging him with reselling liquor without a license. An undercover agent from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) responded to a craigslist ad on November 4th, which offered 5 bottles of ten-year-old Jack Daniel’s Whiskey for sale. The agent met Tyler Russell Hunt at Bicentennial Mall in downtown Nashville to complete the transaction and purchased the bottles for $600.

It was not immediately known where or how Hunt acquired the bottles of Whiskey. Hunt’s social media profiles list him as working at a downtown bar/venue, and his citation list ‘PLE Security’ as his place of employment. Hunt is scheduled to appear in court again in January. When reached via phone, he referred all questions to his attorney.

Bicycle officer forcefully detains & arrests woman relaxing in park with a beer, she calls 911 on him.

When asked about the third beer in her bag, 48-year-old Connie Davis, of #AntiochTN, said “Oh, this one?”, pulled it out, and chugged it in front of Bicentennial Mall State Park Police Bicycle Officer Michael Bunting, and the two MNPD Officers he had called for backup after he forcefully detained the woman relaxing in the park with a beer, so she called 911 on him. He had time that day and jailed her on several charges.