Man tells roommate “you will find out what the Crips will do” when she tells him to leave — Jeremy Jones #CripLife

39-year-old Jeremy Jones’s female roommate told him it was time for him to leave her property, as he had been there for three months and things weren’t working out. When she informed him, he began to throw things around the house and slammed doors, causing damage to locks. He was caught in 4K telling her “You think this is bad, wait and see… You need to love your husband as long as you can… you will find out what the Crips will do!” in a video reviewed by police. At the time of his arrest, he was out on bond for threatening his parents with a shotgun, and that bond company has now also surrendered him from their bond, making his new bond for release set at $40,500

Downtown bouncer sold bottles of Jack Daniel’s to undercover TABC Agent — Tyler Hunt

31-year-old Tyler Hunt was recently booked on a misdemeanor citation charging him with reselling liquor without a license. An undercover agent from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) responded to a craigslist ad on November 4th, which offered 5 bottles of ten-year-old Jack Daniel’s Whiskey for sale. The agent met Tyler Russell Hunt at Bicentennial Mall in downtown Nashville to complete the transaction and purchased the bottles for $600.

It was not immediately known where or how Hunt acquired the bottles of Whiskey. Hunt’s social media profiles list him as working at a downtown bar/venue, and his citation list ‘PLE Security’ as his place of employment. Hunt is scheduled to appear in court again in January. When reached via phone, he referred all questions to his attorney.

Best of East Nashville Craigslist: Washer from Hell

Best of – directly from craigslist! Here’s a direct link until it’s gone We’ve ALL had this washer and dryer before. From the ad: Greetings, friends. I am selling my GE washer and dryer set! I know what thinking, “Seems too good to be true to get a washer dryer set for just $100” but, alas, you would be wrong. You would be just as wrong as I was when I thought it was a steal getting them for $300. You see, when I bought these previously owned machines…

Foobar Goth Night Bed Wetter On the Loose!

Every 4th Saturday night at Foobar, a magical thing happens – “She’s Lost Control” is held, and a bed-wetting regular lurks among us, hunting his next victim. Since tonight is the next regular installment of “She’s Lost Control”, we wanted to remind everyone that the Foobar Bed Wetter is still on the loose, and you could easily wake up beside him (or with him on your bed/couch) in just a few hours from now! Maybe we could get some of the neighborhood watchful idiots on the case? Bob Acuff seems…