Trenell Brown vandalizes Bicentennial Park with hammer, causes $2,500 worth of damage

47-year-old Trenell Brown vandalized Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park around noon on May 19th. At about 12:21 a.m., a park guest notified park Rangers Scroggins and Gibson that a black male, later identified as Brown, wearing a red hoodie, was walking around the property with a hammer. The guest told the rangers he was going northbound toward 7th Avenue North. Rangers located and caught up with Brown in the Herman Street Goodwill parking lot. Brown matched the description provided to rangers by park guests, so they detained him. During a subsequent search of Brown, they found a hammer on his person. Ranger Gibson returned to the park and discovered that five goose-neck lights, three ground lights, and one electrical outlet connected to an emergency blue phone were damaged. According to the park maintenance director, the damage totaled around $2,500. A witness agreed to do a “show-up,” where police identified Brown. Brown was taken into custody for felony vandalism.