Emmanuel Gordon begged “Please don’t shoot!!” as Kezachary Horsly pulled the trigger, killing him

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Homicide Unit detectives are charging Kezachary Horsley, 20, with criminal homicide for Monday morning’s targeted murder of Emmanuel Gordon, 58, near the intersection of 22nd Avenue North and Underwood Street.

At the time of the murder, Horsley was free on bond in regard to a number of charges, including aggravated robbery for allegedly pulling a gun on Gordon as he rode his bicycle and robbing him of $8 on September 18, 2020.  The motive for the murder is believed to be tied to Gordon’s assistance in prosecuting Horsley.

Kezachary Horsley (MNPD)
Kezachary Horsley (MNPD)

On Monday morning, Gordon was walking back from a nearby store when a small white car with heavy front-end damage pulled up and stopped at the intersection of 22nd Avenue North and Underwood Street.  A witness reported that a man exited the vehicle, charged at Gordon and opened fire as Gordon begged, “please don’t shoot!”  Surveillance video from the area led to detectives identifying the car as a Kia Rio.  The car was located late Tuesday night and was followed to an East Nocturne Drive apartment complex.  A man (Horsley) and a woman exited the car and walked into an apartment.  Detectives went there and arrested Horsley on outstanding warrants for domestic assault and failure to appear in court.  A search of the apartment yielded a .40 caliber pistol hidden in a closet.

Horsley was booked into jail on the outstanding warrants and was held without bond as the MNPD crime laboratory conducted ballistic tests on the gun. Those tests confirmed the pistol was used in Gordon’s murder.

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2 Thoughts to “Emmanuel Gordon begged “Please don’t shoot!!” as Kezachary Horsly pulled the trigger, killing him”

  1. Keith C

    A lot of people all over, especially in north Nashville, are oftentimes afraid to report crimes and assist in prosecution for this very reason. It’ll be difficult to get some to cooperate with Law Enforcement and the DA’s office out of fear that, just like this situation, the perpetrator will make bond and come back to do harm to the victim. The DA’s office needs to send a strong message. There are several aggravating factors, including killing a State’s witness. In this case, the DA’s office should seek the death penalty.

  2. DDDDDuane

    KEzachary loook laik da Statue of Liberty….SHEEIT!!!!
    He kilt EMMANUEL and den got sum fried chickun and fine trim…..

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