DUI Arrest: “Sir, say your ABC’s from C to R”.. Him: “A,B,C.”

..Officer Roark then conducted field sobriety tests, during which he asked Andrews to say his ABC’s from C to R. Andrews simply replied “A, B, C.” and stopped. An arrest report states Andrews failed multiple other field sobriety tests and agreed to take a breathalyzer test. His first result was a 0.18, the second result was a 0.20, and for the third test, he spit into the tube.

Man gets 10th DUI at Noon, Back on Street by 8PM – William Arnold

On Tuesday, William Arnold was arrested in for his 10th DUI. 10 DUIs, and Mr. Arnold is still out driving the streets in Nashville. The maximum charge is for “DUI 4 or More” – There’s wasn’t even a law conceived for someone to get 10 DUIs and still be driving. He’s also had 17 related charges dismissed by the courts. Here’s what happened: Arnold was parked sideways in parking spaces at 414 Gallatin Pike S Someone called in a drunk person getting into the vehicle (defendant) Cranked it. Reversed it.…