West Nashville: Woman charged with stalking of ex-boyfriend, continues to appear inside his home uninvited

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32-year-old Amber Dawn Dills faces charges of stalking, assault, and vandalism after she continues to show up at her ex-boyfriends home, twice in the same day, letting herself inside, making threats, assaulting him, and damaging his vehicle. She fled before police arrived the first time, and the second time she attempted to unsuccessfully hide under a truck.

Twice on August 4th, Amber Dills show up at the West Nashville home of her ex-boyfriend, despite an active full order of protection against her. Just before 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, Myles Batey says he was sleeping when he heard someone come through the front door of his home on Sonya Drive and make it into his bedroom. He asked why she was there, reminded her there was an order of protection against her. To avoid any further altercation or incidents, he left the house to get inside his truck to leave the residence but left his keys inside the house. She came outside, toward him, then left the property. Police responded and issued warrants for violation of an order of protection and aggravated stalking at 8 a.m. as some of the incident was recorded on video at the location.

Amber Dills (MNPD)
Amber Dills (MNPD)

A few hours later, Batey came into his kitchen, and there stood Amber Dills. He exited the house in order to not escalate any confrontation, and she followed him outside, screaming “Where’s my stuff? Where’s my money? You’re going to give me my shit!”. She then grabbed handfuls of rocks from the driveway and threw them at the back window of his truck until it broke out. Dills then took a shovel from Batey’s truck and began to strike the truck with it, as observed by a nearby witness.

As he began to take the shovel away from her to protect his property, she punched him in the face with her right hand, then grabbed a piece of pipe and continued to strike the truck. She then tried to hide under the truck, but the police found her as they arrived. She was served with the two outstanding warrants from the morning invasion, in addition to vandalism and aggravated assault.

Amber Dawn Dills, 32, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with felony stalking, violation of an order of protection, felony aggravated assault, and vandalism. She remains jailed in lieu of a $19,500 bond.

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  1. DDDDDuane

    A wonderful woman….And she obviously fixed herself up before visiting her ex….

  2. Amber

    Yes I would like to know why you would take my eyebrows put of this picture….never have a shavesmd my eyebrow s why the the he’ll would my face look like that and no I was not hiding under the truck I was under there looking for something him and his friend….dude whatever you want to call him and why wasn’t any of these talked about then the police new dam. Well why I was under there hiding for what I didn’t nothing wrong he stole my shoe and
    The police neglected to but in there that he took my shit and where in the fuck is my eyebrows

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