Dickson Police Captain Ronald Hobson charged in brutal assault during Kid Rock concert

56-year-old City of Dickson Police Captain Ronald Hobson is on administrative leave after being jailed in Nashville Saturday, charged with a felony aggravated assault that sent a man to the hospital. Hobson was attending the Kid Rock concert at Bridgestone Arena. According to a half-dozen witnesses who observed the incident, Hobson was standing at his seat neat the first row of section 102 and refused to sit down despite person after person telling him he was blocking their view of the concert. Another blocked patron, Gilbert Keifer, was two rows behind Hobson and also asked him to sit down as he was obstructing the view. Hobson then began a verbal argument with the victim. This quickly escalated as Hobson pushed him and grabbed him in a “full Nelson choke hold” before briefly releasing him. Hobson then grabbed him a second time and threw him down a set of stairs and over the railing. After the victim was on the ground, the police Captain then walked o him and kicked him several times while he was on the ground, unable to move. Police spoke with over a half-dozen witnesses who confirmed all of the events.

In a statement to Scoop: Nashville, the Dickson Police Department stated they are “aware of an incident involving one of its detectives at a concert in Nashville Saturday, July 8. Per department policy, Capt. Ron Hobson has been placed on administrative leave pending resolution of the investigation. A 20-year veteran of the department, Capt. Hobson is part of the Criminal Investigations/Narcotics Division.”

Mark McCormack, 67, charged with 2nd DUI after West Nashville crash

Police say 67-year-old Mark McCormack could not stand up on his own and had to be propped up by officers during questioning after he crashed his car into a tree Thursday evening in West Nashville. He refused all medical treatment and sobriety testing but did admit to drinking “five large mixed drinks” prior to driving. A search of his vehicle revealed an open bottle of Skol vodka, partially consumed. McCormack was previously convicted of a DUI in 2017 in Dickson County.

Realtor Hayley Thornton charged after throwing drink in face of bouncer at Whiskey Row

23-year-old Realtor Hayley Thornton and her boyfriend, Liam Chatham, were in an altercation at Whiskey Row earlier this month, and while Chatham was taken into custody as one of his charges was a felony, Thornton was issued a state citation charging her with assault, on which she self-booked this week. The citation alleges that Thornton was attempting to get into the bar via a side door that wasn’t for public access, and when she was denied entry, she reportedly threw her drink in the face of a security guard. She was booked on the citation and was given a court date to appear in September.

Man charged with assault of girlfriend when accused of stealing money — Montevaius Finch

Montevaius Finch (aka Trapboy Woochie) was jailed this week, charged with aggravated assault, and violating an order of protection. Police say his girlfriend, Shataun Wilson called 911 stating “please come” before disconnecting the call. She had accused Finch of taking money that was missing from her bedroom. She says he then pushed her down and got on top of her and assaulted her. Police documented her injuries and discovered there was already an order of protection against Finch out of Dickson County from the victim.

Sports Radio Personality Colin Castleberry charged with DUI in Belle Meade

Local sports radio personality Colin Castleberry was charged with DUI early Sunday morning after Belle Meade Police say he was speeding at 56 mph in a 40 mph zone and performed poorly on field sobriety tests after the traffic stop.

MNPD: she had “59 grams of crystal meth between her buttocks”

Reannon Craig was driving with an expired tag at N. Gallatin Pk & Edgemeade on Wednesday when an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop by activating blue lights and sirens. Craig refused to stop and continued to flee through a residential area. She eventually stopped her car and began to flee on foot, while chased by MNPD. Craig’s flight was eventually stopped when officers deployed a taser on her. Once on the ground from the taser impact, she refused to put her hands behind her back, but was taken…