Laura Titus says she smacked husband, Justin, who was “irate and yelling” while drunk

60-year-old Laura Cooke Titus told police her husband, Justin Titus, was “irate and was yelling, so I smacked him across the face with my hand” at their Green Hills estate Friday evening. She explained they argued after both had been drinking alcohol, and the argument was about Justin’s drinking habit. She says the argument promptly stopped after she smacked him, and police responded to the scene.  

Torriano Fields admits to smacking his girlfriend, says he was upset with her.

29-year-old Torriano Fields told police “Yes, I smacked her, I was upset with her” when they responded to a domestic disturbance call on in Antioch on March 15th. Hi girlfriend, Angela Hill, called 911 to report the assault and stated the pair had been arguing all day long. Fields is charged with domestic assault.