Willie Slaughter threatens nephew with knife during altercation

56-year-old Willie Slaughter had an altercation with his nephew, Phillip Slaughter, at Edge O Lake Drive on December 23rd. Willie advised officers that he and Phillip argued, so he pulled out a knife in case he attacked him. He initially denied pulling out the knife but later admitted to having the knife on his person, pulling it out, opening it, and displaying it to Phillip. Officers did find the knife on Willie’s person. Phillip stated that Willie followed him to the store, where they started to argue, and then he pulled out a knife, holding it by his side. A witness told officers that they saw Willie chase Phillip with a knife, but Phillip denied that Willie chased him. Willie was taken into custody for aggravated assault on December 23rd.

Andrew Chilton free on $100 cash bond for domestic assault on uncle over stolen speaker

Frank Chilton called Metro Nashville Police after he says his nephew, 21-year-old Andrew Chilton, used a metal walking crutch to assault him. Frank admits to taking a bluetooth speaker from Andrew’s room while he was listening to it, and Andrew went to Frank’s room to ask for it back. Frank says he armed himself with a Whiskey bottle and a “large knife” because Andrew’s “a big kid and I felt in fear.” Andrew says once he observed Frank with the large knife he retreated to his room and armed himself with the metal walking crutch before returning to Frank’s room to retrieve his speaker. He admits to hitting Frank in the leg several times while reclaiming his property.

Torriano Fields admits to smacking his girlfriend, says he was upset with her.

29-year-old Torriano Fields told police “Yes, I smacked her, I was upset with her” when they responded to a domestic disturbance call on in Antioch on March 15th. Hi girlfriend, Angela Hill, called 911 to report the assault and stated the pair had been arguing all day long. Fields is charged with domestic assault.