Halfway House Teens charged with burglarizing First Baptist Church of West End

During an interview, the teens told police they believed the church was abandoned and no one wanted the things they took. RJ Manus, & Dylan Robertson, each 18-years-old, are each charged with felony burglary, and free on pre-trial release.

18yo Thomas Vaden Rips Kitchen Cabinets Off Wall & Threatens to Shoot Mom After She Tells Him & Friends to Not Eat Food Prepped for Next Day, Kitchen Destroyed.

On Sunday, 09/03, Thomas Vaden III, 18, had friends over while his mother was prepping food for a Labor Day Dinner the next day. His mother was not pleased that he and friends were eating food she was prepping for Monday, and warned them to not eat any of it. Later that Sunday night, Vaden’s mother caught him rummaging in the fridge and got into a short verbal altercation before they both went back to bed. On Monday morning he woke up and asked his mother “Bitch are you still…