Pro-Tect Security (of Cloud IX notoriety) Allegedly beats man after he’s unconscious at ‘ALL NEW’ Daisy Duke’s Kuntry Kitchen

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In light of Cloud IX’s closure, it seems a rather unexpected replacement has popped up to host events –  Daisy Duke’s Kuntry Kitchen & Saloon, in Hermitage. In a flurry of new events there, and using the same security crew that protected Cloud IX (Pro-Tect Security), things are off to a violent start in an otherwise unsuspecting venue. Last night was an ‘all night long’ release party featuring @NFL_CUDDY

In the early morning hours of Saturday at the @NFL_Cuddy mixtape release party, two members of the Pro-Tect security team got into an altercation with an individual, that resulted in him being transported to the hospital.

According to several witness reports, two individuals were playing some type of game that got out of hand, and one of them gets knocked out, though many details are still unclear. At some point two security guards from Pro-Tect (one identified, one not) began to beat and choke one of the individuals onto the ground. One of the Pro-Tect Guards, identified as Bryce William Hardy is alleged by witnesses to have choked the individual by the neck while he was on the ground, already otherwise restrained and/or unconscious, while the other black male security guard continued to beat him after he was unconscious. There is some play-by-play in one of the videos we were sent:

Some early reports indicate the fight picked back up outside the venue.

There is another event tonight at the ‘ALL NEW’ Daisy Dukes:

Will the ‘ALL NEW’ Daisy Duke’s become become the ‘ALL NEW’ Cloud IX?

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4 Thoughts to “Pro-Tect Security (of Cloud IX notoriety) Allegedly beats man after he’s unconscious at ‘ALL NEW’ Daisy Duke’s Kuntry Kitchen”

  1. Before you write an article you should check for the facts of the situation – I am the manager for Daisy Dukes and you story about protect security on Friday were untrue – the supposedly victim has been barred for many of the bars in the area and twice barred from Daisy Dukes – He was gambling with a cutomer in the bar and was punched hard over nonpayment of loss and fell and hit his head on edge of window trim which cut him and maybe caused a concussion – security was carrying out when he started to flail and hit them – he was released out front along with a friend who also started to retaliate against security and both kept attacking security – yes it did get very rough in them trying to get them to leave the property and felt it wasn’t handled property from the supervisor and he was released after the episode upon our request but the bottom line these two guys were totally out of control and concious and causing the problems – iit turned out that after they left the property that the two involved got into a fight down the street and so called victim knocked out Joe his friend who was trying to help him and left him unconcious in the parking lot – these guys are serious trouble makers in the area and continue to cause problems at many of the establishments – the security were not bullying anyone and never initiated any of the confrontations – yes could have been handled a little better and we got Protect to make the changes and correct that so not to reoccur – these guys were regulars and not any part of the patrons of the event – the next night had large crowd and everything went without incident – we are very concious of trying to have a good reputation in the community and be an asset with great food and entertainment and good events – please contact us for any further questions – thanks Bill Hood

  2. Jo gray

    Security beat me sensless in the parking lot. 5 security officers kicked and stomped me in the fetal position after they demanded I leave when they blocked my car and knew my keys were inside as well as the other victims keys and property. The owner of the Bar and other patrons had to stop armed security thugs from the brutal atack and when i was able to stand every security officer had a gun to my back pinned between two cars. No one attacked security they are known hired thugs and Will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They beat an unconscious regular and drug me out by my throat when I attempted to stop them from the felony assault. The thugs that refused to let me leave jumped us both in front of the club. That’s why you fired the security firm and offered to pay our medical bills. There was no altercation elswhere. I begged and pleaded with ownership to stop this before it began and he watched as hired goons stomped me senseless. The photos, videos and eye witness testimony will tell the full story but your statements above are outrageous and extremely offensive. I would advise not to make any more statements publicly until the attorneys have had a chance to speak. Be careful going to this wanna be night club. -battered patron still in physical recovery from the brutality of the hired goons that have open investigations for fatal shootings in Nashville from December tenth of last year.

  3. Bill Hood

    False – He and his buddy got down the street and fought each other later on and constantly looking for trouble – all they want is a lawsuit – he called his buddies Saturday nite and asked if it was ok he come to the club to party again – funny if so unsafe he want to come back – no incident sat nite – AGAIN WE HAVE MULTIPLE WITNESSES WHERE THESE TWO GUYS ATTACKED SECURITY AND STURCK THEM REPEATLY IN FACE – YES A COUPLE OF THEM REACTED A LITTLE ROUGHLY BUT THEY WERE STOPPED AND NOT ALLOWED TO WORK ON PREMISES AGAIN – Its a great facility and will not tolerate bully security –

  4. Deon Sanders

    East Nashville News is trash!!! Never got facts just accusations he say she say never gonna be more then internet news. Throw the whole site away!

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