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In light of Cloud IX’s closure, it seems a rather unexpected replacement has popped up to host events –  Daisy Duke’s Kuntry Kitchen & Saloon, in Hermitage. In a flurry of new events there, and using the same security crew that protected Cloud IX (Pro-Tect Security), things are off to a violent start in an otherwise unsuspecting venue. Last night was an ‘all night long’ release party featuring @NFL_CUDDY

In the early morning hours of Saturday at the @NFL_Cuddy mixtape release party, two members of the Pro-Tect security team got into an altercation with an individual, that resulted in him being transported to the hospital.

According to several witness reports, two individuals were playing some type of game that got out of hand, and one of them gets knocked out, though many details are still unclear. At some point two security guards from Pro-Tect (one identified, one not) began to beat and choke one of the individuals onto the ground. One of the Pro-Tect Guards, identified as Bryce William Hardy is alleged by witnesses to have choked the individual by the neck while he was on the ground, already otherwise restrained and/or unconscious, while the other black male security guard continued to beat him after he was unconscious. There is some play-by-play in one of the videos we were sent:

Some early reports indicate the fight picked back up outside the venue.

There is another event tonight at the ‘ALL NEW’ Daisy Dukes:

Will the ‘ALL NEW’ Daisy Duke’s become become the ‘ALL NEW’ Cloud IX?

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