Man charged with DUI after leaving Play Dance Bar and crashing car — Bricen Bunt arrested

23-year-old Bricen Bunt told police he had just left Play Dance Bar, where he had drank a tequila shot, a Long Island Tea, and a vodka/Redbull, when he crashed his car into another vehicle on I-24 while driving to Murfreesboro in the early hours of Saturday morning. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, Bunt blew a 0.134 % BAC on a breathalyzer. He is free on pre-trial release.

Man charged in burglary of Play Dance Bar; identified by ex — Nicholas Mongello

34-year-old Nicholas Mongello is charged with theft and burglary after Play Dance Bar posted an image of a man who tore down a brick wall under construction and stole two ipads on their social media, and Mongello’s ex-boyfriend, Josh Lancaster recognized him from both a tattoo and his stance. $10K bond.

Jason Dottley… Too Much Cocaine & Whiskey? Sexual Assault on a Drag Queen?

Up and coming artist, and ex-husband of Del Shores, Jason Dottley (who recently did a music video with drag queen legend Pandora Boxx)  is currently making he way across the county, playing primarily in gay bars and smaller venues – and a recent December night was no exception. However, the alleged sexual assault by the artist certainly wasn’t on the set list. [View NewsWire Press Release on incident] A friend and myself happen to be in Fort Smith on the weekend of Dec 18th finishing up some day-job stuff, and…