DUI: Singer/Songwriter Veronica Stanton charged after drinking “two beers” before driving at 3:30 AM

28-year-old Veronica Stanton, a singer/songwriter who moved to Nashville from Jenkintown, PA, was found swerving on Gallatin Ave just after 3:30 AM Monday. She admitted to having “two beers” earlier in the night. Police say she performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and was then booked into the Metro Nashville Jail. She is free on pre-trial release.

Pilgrimage Festival Co-Founder Kevin Griffin’s Divorce: Affairs, Drugs, Money & the Festival

Of the many interesting findings, in a 61-page final divorce decree, was the information revealed about the finances of the company that presents The Pilgrimage Festival, Pilgrimage Presents, LLC. The judge found Pilgrimage Presents, LLC has ‘no value’, citing “Pilgrimage Presents, LLC, had a shareholder equity of negative $1,885,855, as of December 31, 2017, and a substantially greater amount as of December 31st, 2018, due to the loss experienced in 2018.

Taylor Swift’s New Stalker Wanted in 2 States – New $1,000,000 Bond Texas Warrant Issued Friday

On Friday, a new arrest warrant was issued for Eric Swarbrick, who is the lasted in the long line of stalkers that have made Taylor Swift the object of their desire. The Travis County Sheriff’s Department in Austin, Texas, confirms the new warrant charges Eric Swarbrick with 3rd degree felony stalking. The bond on the warrant is set at $1,000,000.00 cash/surety, and comes with stipulations of staying away from Taylor Swift, her record label, management team, offices, and concerts. This is related to a restraining order issued by a Nashville…

BMI Artist Ryan Hinkle Arrested for Stealing Vehicle [UPDATED]

BMI recording artist & songwriter Ryan Michael Hinkle, 36, was arrested last Tuesday afternoon on charges of Theft $10,000 or>but< $60,000. Hinkle was booked into the Davidson County Sheriff’s department with a $10,000 bond, where he later bonded out. While not working as a singer/songwriter, Hinkle was employed by Ochoa Brothers Construction, where he was issued a company vehicle to use – however he was terminated from the company on 09/23, and advised to return all company property, including his vehicle, of which Hinkle refused, according to police records. MNPD Affidavit:…

Jason Dottley… Too Much Cocaine & Whiskey? Sexual Assault on a Drag Queen?

Up and coming artist, and ex-husband of Del Shores, Jason Dottley (who recently did a music video with drag queen legend Pandora Boxx)  is currently making he way across the county, playing primarily in gay bars and smaller venues – and a recent December night was no exception. However, the alleged sexual assault by the artist certainly wasn’t on the set list. [View NewsWire Press Release on incident] A friend and myself happen to be in Fort Smith on the weekend of Dec 18th finishing up some day-job stuff, and…