Man accused of assaulting woman & refusing to let her leave after she denied him sex

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20-year-old Isayah Batista is facing multiple charges after police say he asked a woman for sex and grew “irate” when she told him no. Court records allege he assaulted her and would not allow her to leave the apartment. The man’s roommate had to get involved so the woman could flee, at which time the man reportedly followed her, strangled her, and threw a marijuana grinder at her face out of anger.

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Haven Apartments in South Nashville on May 13th and met with a female victim who advised Isayah Batista asked her to have sex with him, but she refused. She says he grew irate and pushed her against a wall repeatedly, and prevented her from leaving his apartment. Eventually, his roommate became involved and pushed Batista off the victim so she could flee the apartment.

Isayah F. Batista (MNPD)
Isayah F. Batista (MNPD)

As she was fleeing to another apartment in the complex, Isayah reportedly chased her and pulled on her purse which was around her neck, causing her to be strangled by the purse handle, and she says she was unable to breathe during this part of the assault. The purse handle eventually broke and she kept moving toward the other apartment. Once there, Batista is said to have thrown a marijuana grinder at her out of anger and struck her in the face.

Isayah Batista told police the purse was his because he paid for it, and he was simply trying to take it back from her. She also says he pulled the phone from her hand as she attempted to call 911. Batista is charged with domestic aggravated assault/strangulation, interference with an emergency call, and false imprisonment. He remains jailed in lieu of a $19,000 bond and is scheduled to appear for a bond review hearing on May 25th.

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    I’m the lady this is my boyfriend and everything that u saying is a lie that is not what happened

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