Nashville Sex Worker threatens ‘John’ with shovel when his payment wouldn’t go through- $76K Bond

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An Antioch man solicited the services of a sex worker known as ‘Ruby Foxx’, and when she arrived and it was time to pay, he says his payment “wouldn’t go through”. Officers arrived in the neighborhood to find Foxx, later identified as Summer Caster, standing in the man’s yard with a shovel. She threatened to harm the man, destroy his car, and have “her men” come to shoot him.

Metro Nashville Police officers arrived at 3300 Hope Hill Court on the evening of February 25th in response to an aggravated assault call. They noticed a woman standing in the yard with a shovel, and spoke to her, and two men at the residence. According to police, a man at the residence admitted to hiring the female to come to his home to engage in sex acts. He provided police with the sex worker’s escort page online, which listed nude photos, services, and prices.

Summer Caster (MNPD)
Summer Caster (MNPD)

According to the female sex worker, who went by the name ‘Ruby Foxx’ online, she arrived at the client’s home prepared to have sex with him and things became ‘heated’ when his payment had not yet gone through. She reportedly picked up a shovel that belonged to the client, pointed it at the client, and exclaimed “I’m going to knock you the hell out”. She then moved to the car belonging to the client’s brother, who was also at the residence. She reportedly threatened to ‘destroy’ the car as the brother and the client both tried to protect their property.

Refusing to provide her actual name, the sex worker initially claimed she was just there to “hang out”, despite holding the shovel in her hands when police arrived. She eventually admitted she came to have sex for money. Two condoms were located in her pocket. The unnamed male client was cited for patronizing a prostitute.

‘Ruby Foxx’, later identified as 26-year-old Summer Caster, was charged with prostitution ($6,000 bond), and felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon ($70,000 bond). She remains jailed in lieu of a $76,000 bond.

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