Wesley Hulsey strangles girlfriend, hides from police at Taco Bell

21-year-old Welsey Hulsey was jailed early Tuesday morning when he assaulted his girlfriend on Millwood Drive. Abigail Wood advised that she told Hulsey she was done with him, and he had to leave. This upset Hulsey, so he came up behind her, wrapped his left arm completely around her neck, and strangled her until she passed out. She woke up to find Hulsey pointing a knife at her and stating that he was not going to leave. Officers observed strained blood vessels in Abigail’s neck and noted her raspy voice. She advised that she had difficulty speaking and heard ringing in her ears. Hulsey had already left the scene before police arrival, but he was found at the Taco Bell on Murfreesboro Pike, where he stated that he did not touch Abigail. Hulsey was then placed into custody and transported to booking.

Former missing teen admits to “beating” her child’s father because of their relationship situation

20-year-old Jade Mullen was charged with aggravated assault after she admitted to striking the father of her child with a metal flashlight multiple times in the face because of their relationship troubles.

Murfreesboro Pike: ‘Sippin on Some Syrup’ arrest

27-year-old Jonathon Spikner was charged with possession of cocaine, codeine without a prescription, and drug paraphernalia after officers observed a digital scale inside a vehicle while patrolling at Mapco on Murfreesboro Pike.

Woman assaults girlfriend at Super 8 Motel when she told her to “sober up”

37-year-old Holly Bluew was charged with domestic assault after she kicked and punched her girlfriend in the face when she told her she needed to “sober up” at Super 8 Motel.

Nashville woman threatens to cut daughter’s neck, charged with aggravated assault

54-year-old Beatrice Heger was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she charged toward her daughter with a knife and threatened to cut her neck while meeting up to get her belongings at a local Mapco.