Norma Odilia-Macz attacks boyfriend with bicycle, gold belt, extension cord, and knife

24-year-old Norma Odilia-Macz was preparing for a child’s birthday party last week when she reportedly became increasingly intoxicated and began to attack her boyfriend of three years, Isaac Sonora De Jesus. Police were called to the scene after she threw a bicycle at the victim, smacked him with a brown extension cord, and hit him with a gold belt. Not finished with her drunken assault, she then grabbed a knife and began to attack his head, causing injuries that were treated by medics. Officers located the bloody knife, bicycle, extension cord, and gold belt, all of which were considered evidence of the crime.

Spencer Clariday faces felony after pulling his gun on a man who he says was wielding a machete

33-year-old Spencer Clariday is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he pulled a handgun from a waistband holster and ran the slide, putting a round in the chamber while speaking to Pejhman Ehsani. Clariday says he did so because Ehsani was allegedly holding a machete, and he was in fear for his life. Officers reviewed a video of the incident and were not able to confirm if the victim was wielding a machete at the time of the incident.

McDUI: Troy White passed out behind the wheel in drive-thru with two loaded handguns

Police found 56-year-old Troy White asleep in his vehicle at McDonald’s drive-thru at 1:30 a.m. Sunday. He initially seemed unconscious but slowly acknowledged people were around, but could not follow simple commands. Police say he reeked of alcohol, and he stated he had been drinking at a nearby bar where he had “four bottles of beer.” He performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and during a search of his vehicle incident to arrest, two loaded handguns were found around his seat, once under it, and the other next to the center console.