Beatrice Heger squats and poops in the middle of Nashville Dollar General store

Police say 57-year-old Beatrice Heger was at the Dollar General on E. Thompson Lane on June 6 when she defecated on the floor in the middle of the store. She then went to exit the store and, once at the door, pulled down her pants, bent over, and spread her cheeks to expose herself once again to everyone in the store. She was gone from the store when police arrived but was located the following day in the parking lot yelling at police. Officers demanded she stops and told her she was under arrest. Heger fled from police on foot, running across Murfreesboro Pike. Once she crossed the intersection, officers lost track of her, and she fled. Later that day, officers located Heger and took her into custody, but not before she punched a citizen in the face in a nearby parking lot.

Romeo Alonzo charged after sitting on top of his girlfriend, holding her to the floor

25-year-old Romeo Alonzo was charged with domestic assault after police responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence on Maritime Port in Antioch. Alonzo admitted to responding officers that he sat on top of his girlfriend, Eulalia Gomez, and held her down to the floor.

Man opens fire on mother’s boyfriend in front of minor

23-year-old Lourele London was charged with reckless endangerment and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when he recklessly fired a Glock on his mother’s boyfriend in front of a minor.

Woman with history of domestic assault beats and harasses ex-fiance, per report

28-year-old Chelsea Clark was charged with domestic assault, harassment, and vandalism after she punched her fiance in the face, pulled some of his hair out, punched his TV, and then later blew his phone up while calling from a hotel in Knoxville, per report.