Oluwanifemi Fadero forces roommate onto second-story balcony during argument over cleaning

23-year-old Oluwanifemi Albert Fadero had a dispute with his roommate, Philip Olapade, at their shared Dr DB Todd Jr Boulevard residence on the morning of February 8th. Olapade reported that he and Fadero argued over cleaning the apartment. Fadero then grabbed and forced Olapade out of the apartment onto the second-story balcony, nearly causing him to fall. During this time, Olapade’s phone fell out of his hand and hit the ground, damaging it. Then, Olapade left to get the police. Officers spoke with Fadero when they arrived, and he confirmed Olapade’s statements, admitting to forcing him out of the house in anger. Olapade did not wish to prosecute for the incident. Due to his admission, Fadero was taken into custody for domestic assault.