Issac Atkinson punches wife multiple times during argument

40-year-old Isaac Atkinson was involved in a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend, Lindsay Jane Robertson, inside Springwater Bar on December 2nd. Anna Love, patron of the bar, advised that Atkinson and Robertson were arguing when he punched her multiple times in her right arm. They left to go home, and Robert Lytten stated he witnessed Atkinson punch Robertson numerous times in the vehicle before they got to the residence. Officers arrived at the house and spoke with Robertson, who advised them of the incidents. Atkinson was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault.

Tariq Bey charged with public intoxication at Mason Lofts in West Nashville

38-year-old Tariq Bey was jailed Monday morning after reports of him trespassing at Mason Lofts on Mason Avenue. Police told Bey to leave, and he complied, but they noticed he smelled strongly of alcohol and was stumbling around. Police stood by and watched for a short time as he struggled to walk and opened a random car door that didn’t belong to him. He was deemed a danger to himself and was placed into custody.

DUI: Thomas Brown falls asleep behind the wheel at gas station

27-year-old Thomas Brown was jailed on July 9th after falling asleep behind the wheel at the Shell gas station on West End Avenue. When police arrived, Brown was asleep in the driver’s seat with the keys on the ground next to him. There was a slight odor of alcohol coming from his breath, and he had red, watery eyes. Brown agreed to sobriety testing but performed poorly. He was transported to General Hospital for a blood draw and then to booking.

Deshawn Holt punches bartender who refuses to drink with him at Red Door Saloon

30-year-old Deshawn Holt was jailed this week after assaulting a bartender who refused to join him and his friend for a drink. Holt and a friend were at the Red Door Saloon on June 5, being served drinks by Terrell Lopez. Holt asked Terrell to have drinks and shots with them multiple times, and each time Terrell declined the offer. Holt then punched Terrell in the back of the head, which was witnessed by several employees.

Tourist Charles Jordan punches cop in face at Omni Hotel; pre-trial release

It took multiple officers to take 35-year-old tourist Charles Jordan into custody at the Omni Hotel in the early hours of Saturday morning. Jordan was not a guest at the hotel but was drunkenly walking the hallways, causing a disturbance. He was asked to leave by an off-duty officer and refused. He shoved the officer away, making physical contact, and then punched him in the face, leaving him with a visible bruise under his left eye. Additional officers arrived, and after a brief scuffle, Jordan was taken into custody.

Grant Arnold jailed after fight at Tin Roof Nashville

27-year-old Grant Arnold was fighting with another person at Tin Roof Demonbruen in the early hours of Sunday morning. When police arrived, he was outside of the bar and continuing to engage and attempt to fight. Officers say he was heavily intoxicated and took him into custody.

Lester Anderson charged with assault of ex-boyfriend after a night at the club

31-year-old Lester Anderson was charged with domestic assault after beating up his ex-boyfriend on their way back from a club early Sunday morning. Anderson punched Gaven Huff multiple times, saying that everything he owns is also his. At one point, he grabbed Gaven out of the car and continued beating him. Officers witnessed several bruises and scratches in the chest and neck area. Gaven also had a cut on his face and multiple scrapes on his legs from being pulled out of the car. His clothes were also in disarray.

DUI: Karlisa Jefferson says “I’m f*-cked up” after drinking “a lot” before driving

30-year-old Karlisa Jefferson told officers she was driving the vehicle that was now crashed beside her on Rosedale Avenue, and she was “f-*ked up.” Karlisa further stated that had “a lot to drink.” She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.271% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Tourist Anthony Bauer threatens to “R-Kelly” someone in jail until they have a ‘happy ending’

19-year-old tourist Anthony Harold Bauer was asked to leave the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel late Sunday night as they determined he was not a guest at the hotel but was relaxing on a couch in the lobby, but he refused to move from the couch. He was visibly intoxicated, and despite multiple requests from officers, he refused to leave the hotel. As he was being placed under arrest for trespassing and public intoxication, he tensed up and resisted arrest. Once at the patrol car, Bauer attempted to head-butt officer Reynolds and was escorted to the side of the vehicle, and he spat on officers twice during a struggle to get him seated inside. Once at booking, Bauer exclaimed, “I’m going to p** in someone’s mouth, and they’re going to org*sm.”

Nicholas Daniels builds fort in building lobby after taking Ecstasy in Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 27-year-old Nicholas Daniels took Ecstasy on November 29th before moving the furniture around in the lobby to “build a fort” in the Marq Music Row apartments on Division Street. After the fort was built, he discharged a fire extinguisher on the floor “to fight some demons,” he later explained. He repeatedly explained to the officers he was talking to CNN & BBC as he looked into their body-worn cameras. Daniels was taken into custody for his own safety and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.