Dalen Willis-Sharpe charged with public intoxication at 5th & Broadway in downtown Nashville

23-year-old Dalen Willis-Sharpe was charged with public intoxication in downtown Nashville after security from 5th & Broadway flagged down Metro Nashville Police Officers stating that Willis-Sharpe was becoming aggressive. Officers made contact with Willis-Sharpe and found him unsteady on his feet and with a strong odor of alcohol coming from him. Due to his level of intoxication and inability to care for himself, he was transported to booking.

Tourist sisters brawl in the middle of downtown Nashville — Hannah German arrested

34-year-old Hannah German flagged down police officers in downtown Nashville, reportedly asking for help in detaining her sister, Emma German. A group of citizens near 5th & Broadway were also reporting an assault was occurring between the two sisters. The two had been at Tootsie’s and got into an argument over using a rideshare to return to their hotel. Emma attempted to part ways, however, Hannah grabbed her by the neck twice, refusing to let her leave. During the scuffle, Emma sustained some injuries, including a bloody lip, scratches on her neck and chest, and a broken backpack, which she had been wearing.