DUI: Man runs red light in front of patrol car, blows nearly double BAC limit

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27-year-old Connor King is charged with DUI after Metro Police Sgt. Paul Stein says he was behind the man when he ran a red light while traveling on Gallatin Pike. He admitted to having “a couple of drinks”, and said he normally uses an Uber.

Connor King (MNPD)
Connor King (MNPD)

On February 21st, a Metro Nashville Police Officer Paul Stein was traveling outbound on Gallatin Pike when the vehicle in front of him ran thru a red light at the intersection of Gallatin Pike and Hart Lane. After pulling the driver over, the officer him as Connor King, who reportedly had bloody shot and watery eyes, the smell of alcohol on his breath, and admitted to consuming a “couple of drinks” and stated he usually calls an Uber but drove today. A breathalyzer test returned a result of a 0.144 BAC.

Connor King was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with DUI. He is free on pre-trial release until his court date.

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