Nicholas Francisco strangles daughter, tells police he “disciplined” her

43-year-old Nicholas Francisco was taken into custody for aggravated assault on April 28th. Francisco called the police, and when they arrived at his Patricia Drive residence, he told them his daughter, Gabriela Lucas, had gone missing around 5:30 p.m. on April 27th. Francisco said she ran away after he “disciplined” her and told him that she would kill herself. Francisco said she got into the car, drove away, and never returned. After officers searched for her, they returned to Francisco’s home, where they located Lucas in her car. Then, she told them her father “beat her,” not “disciplined,” so she ran away in fear. Lucas had a black eye, bruising on both sides of her face, and a red marking around her neck. She was then transported to Vanderbilt Pediatrics. Francisco was detained for the occurrence.

Clare Torchia lies to police about being assaulted

20-year-old Clare Torchia was caught contacting law enforcement for a non-emergency at Nashboro Boulevard on March 3rd. Torchia told law enforcement that she was in her babysitter’s driveway trying to get her child from him when she told the babysitter that if he didn’t give her the baby, she was going to tell law enforcement that she was assaulted. The babysitter stated, “I’m not going to deal with this,” then went inside with the baby and locked the door. Torchia called the police department to advise she was hit and pushed and that her 7-month-old child was taken from her. When officers arrived, Torchia admitted that she had lied because she wanted the police to get to her fast. Clare Torchia was cited for the violation that day and then booked on the citation for a non-emergency 911 call on April 17th.

Dexter Leggins jailed after rushing into an apartment with a knife

42-year-old Dexter Leggins uninvitingly entered Daryl Armstrong’s apartment on Glastonbury Road in the early hours of November 27th. Armstrong advised officers that Leggins knocked on his door and rushed in when he opened it with a black knife, putting him in fear. Then, Leggins stole his television, phone, a bag containing social security documents, and a black-wheeled cart. Officers observed Leggins with Armstrong’s belongings as they arrived, and he insisted that it was his property. They were able to locate all the items Armstrong listed. Leggings was taken into custody for aggravated robbery on December 5th.

Oneil Cunningham assaults girlfriend when baby falls off bed

28-year-old Oneil Cunningham is charged with beating the mother of his child after their baby rolled off the bed. He reportedly pulled her hair and punched her in the face and body. She was able to use her phone in self-defense and escape the apartment to call 911. Officers located her under a stairwell when they arrived and documented multiple injuries on her face.

Mark Corwin calls police to say he threw a rock at a bus in anger, turns himself in at McDonald’s

27-year-old Mark Corwin was walking down a hill in order to catch a city bus just before lunch on Tuesday. He became upset as the bus began to pull off before he was able to catch up to it and threw a rock at the bus, cracking a window. He walked back up the hill, and once he calmed down he called police to confess and turn himself in. He walked to the McDonalds and waited to be taken into custody.