Michael Bradley throws bowl of cereal at fiancé’s head after threatening to kill her

31-year-old Michael Bradley was booked on the summons of domestic assault on January 8th for assaulting his fiancé at her Shadowood Drive home on December 22nd. Emily Villela, Bradley’s fiancé, and their infant child, Luca Bradley, were at the residence with Bradley when the assault occurred. Emily advised that she, Michael, and their child were supposed to travel to New York for Christmas, but Michael thought she was taking the child away from him. Emily stated that she had no intention of taking their child away. Michael responded by telling Emily that he was going to kill her. Michael then threw a bowl of cereal at Emily’s head; after that, he grabbed her by the throat and pushed her to the ground. Emily tried to push him away, but Michael grabbed her wrists, causing scratches and redness to her right wrist and left thumb. Emily also had scratches and redness on her face as well. Despite this, Emily did not want to prosecute. Michael was not on the scene for questioning. Michael Bradley was booked on the summons of assault on January 8th.

Julie Waugh, 80, says she drank wine before DUI crash

80-year-old Julie Waugh was involved in an at-fault-crash on Woodlawn Drive late Thursday night, and officers arrived to assist; they noticed her vehicle was blocking the roadway and asked her to pull it into a nearby driveway. Waugh looked at officers and asked them to park the car for her. She reportedly smelled of alcohol and was unsteady on her feet, with slurred speech. She admitted to consuming two glasses of wine just before driving. She refused all testing and was taken into custody.

Nery Chajon Franco kicks wife in face while she’s on the toilet; then attacks his son

Laura Salazar Gonzales says she was sitting on the toilet when her 35-year-old boyfriend, Nery Chajon Franco, came into the bathroom drunk and kicked her in the face. She says the argument was about who should pick up the children from school. As she fled from the toilet, Nery reportedly followed her while yelling and threatening to kill her. He chased her and her two youngest sons through the front yard, grabbed her hair from behind, and yanked her onto the ground. She says he punched her in the face multiple times and strangled her.

Another of their sons came out of the home and attacked his father with a knife sharpener to try to stop the attack on his mother. He swung at his son three times and missed each time. When officers arrived, Nery attempted to flee and jumped a neighbor’s fence.