Geri Wray threatens to kill boyfriend with hammer, tells him “I’m going to kill you and slurp your blood!”

41-year-old Geri Wray was jailed on February 27th after threatening to kill her boyfriend at their home on McPherson Drive. Bryan Lee Brinkley told officers that he and Geri lived together but stayed in separate rooms. According to Brinkley, Geri came into his room with a hammer in her hand and struck his door. She then held the hammer in her hand and told him, “I have been wanting to kill you for the last three days,” “I’m going to kill you and slurp your blood,” “I’m going to get guys to fuck you up and kill you.” Brinkley then fled the house and called police. When Brinkley returned to the house, Geri returned with a hammer and busted all the windows out of his vehicle. Officers observed broken windows, dents, and mirrors damaged on the car and questioned Geri. Geri told officers that Brinkley came back home and was taunting him, so she used a baseball bat to destroy his vehicles.