Amanda Covington damages man’s iPhone after altercation

52-year-old Amanda Covington had an altercation with Ian Weber at the Old Hickory Boulevard apartments on the afternoon of May 12th. Weber told responding officers that Covington grabbed his iPhone 14 Pro Max and damaged its camera. Patrick Maclean, one of the witnesses that officers questioned, corroborated Weber’s statements. Weber advised that he wanted to press charges. Officers located Covington at her neighboring unit and noticed she was visibly intoxicated. She was cited for the incident on site and booked on the citation of vandalism on June 3rd.

Amanda Covington charged with DUI after “drinking most of the day”

51-year-old Amanda Covington was driving her black Nissan Altima on I-40 on January 6 with a tag that expired in December of 2021, according to THP Trooper Keith Velez. As he spoke to Covington, he reportedly smelled alcohol coming from her and the vehicle. She stated she had “two small airplane bottles” of alcohol a few hours before driving. She performed poorly on subsequent field sobriety tests and eventually admitted she had been drinking “most of the day, yesterday.” She was transported to St. Thomas Midtown