Finian Nolan lost and found in downtown Nashville — public intoxication

22-year-old Finian Carl Nolan was found in the lobby of 515 Church Street in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Friday morning, believing it was his hotel. A citizen called police, noting that he was not a guest of the building. Officers arrived to check on his welfare and found him extremely intoxicated and unable to convey what hotel he was actually staying at. Unable to be left alone, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

DUI: Jared Lowe crashes into pole after leaving Scoreboard Bar & Grill

24-year-old Jared Lowe told police he consumed “three or four beers” at Scoreboard Bar & Grill late Friday night before driving off the roadway on McGavock Pike and knocking down a utility pole, leaving wires hanging across the roadway. Officers responded to the scene, where a witness stated Lowe tossed a bottle out of his window prior to their arrival. Officers retrieved the half-empty Miller Light bottle, and Lowe admitted it was his. He later blew a 0.115& BAC on a breathalyzer.

Maria Hensley remains jailed for making “finger gun” gestures on Broadway in downtown Nashville

41-year-old Maria Hensley was at the front door of Rippy’s Honky Tonk on Broadway in downtown Nashville making “finger gun” gestures to staff and patrons. The manager of Rippy’s flagged down nearby officers, who placed her into custody, stating “she was engaging in an act that served no legitimate purpose and was causing many people to feel uncomfortable.” She was transported to booking and charged with disorderly conduct. She has remained jailed for three days, unable to post a $50 bond.

Street racer Kennedy Ewell arrested while using fake “615 SWIM” license plate

20-year-old street racer Kennedy Ewell was jailed Friday night after police noticed him driving on Bell Road with a fake license plate used by many locals in the car scene. The identical plates, used on dozens of cars, are replicas of actual Tennesse License Plates, with the tag number of “615 SWIM” as seen in the photos below, with ‘DNTCHASEBOYZ’ where the county name would normally be. The idea behind the plates is that if all the street racers are using them during races or street takeovers, they will not be able to be tracked by their actual plate numbers, and to fool the LPRs (license plate readers) which would then have dozens of identical hits — just another fish (car) swimming in the sea (of traffic). Ewell told police he had put the fake license plate on to take photos and forgot to remove it before driving. Ewell was able to produce the correct tag that belonged to the car and told officers he had seen the “615 SWIM” plates on Scoop: Nashville.

Tonya Plunkett jailed after striking her infant with a switch

20-year-old Tonya Plunkett is charged with felony child abuse after admitting to striking her infant child with a switch. Medics responded to her home when she reported she was experiencing fatigue after her pregnancy, and responding medics observed numerous injuries across the male infant’s body. She told medics she “don’t whoop him hard.” She is free on a $7,500 bond.

Kenneth Hershberger charged in road rage incident with handgun

37-year-old Kenneth Hershberger was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from March 2022, charging him with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon during a March 2022 road rage incident. Kelly Baker was driving on I-24, and there was a line of traffic behind a white work truck, which was driven by Hershberger. They blew their horn at the truck to influence him to move to a slower lane of travel, and they were brake checked by the truck multiple times before eventually changing lanes. As the victim drove past the vehicle, Hershberger was reportedly pointing a handgun at them.

Scott Wood charged with distributing child pornography in Nashville

36-year-old Scott Wood Daniels, who commonly uses the name Scott William Wood, was jailed on March 10th for knowingly distributing material involving minors engaged in sexual activity in May 2021. A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted him on the charge, which specified there were between 1 and 25 items.

Dmytro Butenko jailed after driving a commercial truck with no CDL or required logging device

28-year-old Dmytro Butenko was charged on Mar 14th after being pulled over for no registration on the trailer of his semi. When the officer spoke with him, he showed her that he had just had a failed inspection a few hours ago. At the time of that inspection, Butenko’s vehicle was put out of service due to having no EDL (electronic logging device) or CDL license. The vehicle was also put out of service for no brake/turn signal. Due to his continuing to drive on an out-of-service violation, he was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Koree Brooks charged in assault of her boyfriend after leaving a scratch on his cheek

32-year-old Koree Brooks was jailed on Friday afternoon after trying to fight her boyfriend when he wouldn’t talk to her. Police responded to Heiman Street, where Marcus Mcclam and Brooks were in an argument. They have dated on and off for several months. Koree was reportedly upset that Marcus didn’t want to talk to her. Marcus claims that during the argument, Brooks tried to fight him. Police observed a scratch mark on Marcus’s left cheek. Marcus also said his shirt and hoodie were also torn during the fight. Brooks said she was injured while she was trying to get Marcus off of her. Brooks had a scratch mark on her knuckles on her left hand. Based on the details of the incident from both parties, Brooks was determined as the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

DUI: Chris Snan admits to drinking and smoking prior to crash on I-40

27-year-old Christopher Snan was jailed on March 12th after losing control of his 2019 Dodge Challenger on I-40 and striking a retaining wall just after 11 p.m. while allegedly being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. When officers arrived on the scene, they smelled alcohol coming from Snan. He told police he drank 3-4 hours before driving. Snan was detained and relocated to a shell gas station and spoke with a different officer who could also smell alcohol on his breath. He told this officer that he drank 5 hours before driving and smoked marijuana around 8 am. He consented to Sobriety tests and performed poorly with multiple indicators of impairment. He told police that his shoulder hurt from the crash, and he had bad knees from previous injuries, which could impact his field sobriety tests.