DUI: Sophie Swaney arrested with gun, drugs; boyfriend falls out of vehicle, upset over photoshoot

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26-year-old outdoor brand influencer Sophie Swaney, who has over a million followers across various platforms, was arrested Saturday in Nashville after police say she was driving under the influence while in possession of a handgun and drugs. Her boyfriend, who was upset over a photoshoot, climbed out the passenger window while traveling on Charlotte Ave. and fell on his head, causing him to land in the trauma unit with a brain injury.

Metro Nashville Police responded to 5337 Charlotte Ave. at 12:41 a.m. Saturday, to an accident with injury. Officer made contact with the driver of the vehicle, Sophie Phelps Swaney, who stated she was driving and her boyfriend, Johnny Justice (who she publicly refers to as ‘Austin’), was in the passenger seat. As they were traveling westbound on Charlotte Ave, the couple got into a verbal argument, as Johnny was reportedly “irate” about an earlier photoshoot. He was so upset, he climbed out of the window of the passenger side of the vehicle on Charlotte Ave, and fell on his head, causing serious injury. Sophie would later post on her social media that “Austin” was in the trauma unit of a local hospital with a severe brain injury.

Sophie Swaney (MNPD)
Sophie Swaney (MNPD)

Sophia Sweeney told officers she had one Moscow Mule and one Michelob beer earlier in the evening and agreed to do field sobriety tests, on all of which she exhibited signs of impairment, according to police. She gave consent to search the vehicle and advised officers of a Glock 43 in the vehicle. Officers also located a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle during the search, which she stated she occasionally smoked.

Sweeny was convicted of a prior DUI in 2018 in North Carolina, so she is now charged with DUI 2nd Offense, in addition to possession of a handgun while under the influence, and drug possession. She was freed on pre-trial release, to her Eads, TN, address.

A clip from the photoshoot that caused the argument (therealslimswaney.com)

Swaney, who has over a million followers on her combined social media platforms and personal subscription website where users can pay to see her private and more revealing photos, grew up on a farm in West Tennessee, and at the age of 21 moved to North Carolina to enroll in gunsmithing school. Since then she has partnered with brands such as Freedom Holsters, Yeehaw Cowboy, and Reign lashes, mostly in photo shoots wearing little clothing, with many outdoor and hunting brands. She portrays a life of routinely shooting, hunting, and fishing, and has multiple citations for hunting without a license in Memphis, TN.

Swaney did not respond to requests for comment prior to publication. She is scheduled to appear in front of Judge Gale Robinson on July 2nd in Nashville.

Swaney, Sophie219 REID HOOKER N
EADS, TN 38028
PretrialDUI-2nd Off.
Swaney, Sophie219 REID HOOKER N
EADS, TN 38028
PretrialPoss.or Casual Exch.
Swaney, Sophie219 REID HOOKER N
EADS, TN 38028
PretrialWeapon Und. Infl.

Case NumberArrest Date

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  1. DDDDDuane

    Very responsible young couple….
    Her poor boyfriend has a traumatic brain injury….
    WHO is Sophie Swaney dating now? (typical modern cock carousel young lady….)….

  2. DDDDDuane

    The whore was so concerned about him that when he started stupidly climbing out the window the whore sped up….
    “Her boyfriend, who was upset over a photoshoot”
    Would anyone be surprised if this whore did a gang bang video?

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