Zelmon Hause steals $260 gray Ksubi pants by wearing them under his pajamas at Nordstrom

22-year-old Zelmon Hause, Cornell Jamaine Robinson, and an unknown individual assisted each other in shoplifting from Nordstrom on Abbott Martin Road on the afternoon of March 23rd. Hause was observed on camera picking up $260.00 gray Ksubi pants and walking into the fitting room. Hause then put the pants on underneath the pajamas he entered the store with and left the fitting room. While inside the loss prevention office, Hause admitted to concealing the pants and having no intention of paying for them. Hause was taken into custody for theft.

Cornell Robinson assaults Nordstrom employee after being confronted for shoplifting

21-year-old Cornell Jamaine Robinson, Zelmon Hause, and an unknown individual assisted each other in shoplifting from Nordstrom on Abbott Martin Road on the afternoon of March 23rd. Randy Paul Brown, an employee, observed this and confronted Robinson, who became irate and shoved him. Robinson was then detained and searched. During the search, officers located a white pill that was cut, divided, and crushed into several pieces that Robinson claimed was Xanax under Miranda. Since Robinson was not a resident of Tennessee, he was taken into custody for assault and simple possession.

Michael White booked after failing to appear in court for driving while using cellphone

38-year-old Michael Allen White was driving while using his phone on I-40 West early May 9th, 2023. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and then cited him for the incident. White failed to appear in court or pay the fine by June 30th, 2023. White was booked on the citation of driving while using a cellular device on March 26th, 2024.

DUI: Clement Chishimba drinks “a cognac” before crashing semi-truck into multiple cars

45-year-old Clement Chishimba swerved in his semi-truck with a trailer, hitting three vehicles, pinning one against the concrete wall on I-65 North near mile marker 95 on March 25th. During the incident, the semi rear-ended another vehicle before sliding down the wall to its resting place. When officers arrived, they approached Chishimba and noticed he was in his sleeping quarters, rummaging through bags. Officers then asked Chishimba for his driver’s credentials, but he continued to rummage through the back of the truck. Officers questioned him multiple times, which was when they stepped closer and noted he reeked of alcohol. Officers asked Chishimba if he would take sobriety tests. Chishimba consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was detained. A subsequent search of his vehicle resulted in officers locating two empty 40-ounce Heineken and two empty 40-ounce Redd’s Wicked Apple Seltzer. Chishimba admitted to drinking “a cognac” before driving and was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Malachi Russel caught with automatic switch on gun during altercation with rideshare driver

19-year-old Malachi Russel was with Jamarcus Johnson and multiple other individuals with guns, instructing a rideshare driver to take them to various locations in the early hours of March 24th. The driver alerted the authorities, and they were dispatched to Hamilton Crossings near A Harris Dental, where they located the vehicle. Officers ordered Russel to exit the car, to which he complied, and they detained him. Officers conducted a search and found a Glock 21 handgun with an automatic switch and a front handle attachment. They spoke with the driver, who said Russel did not threaten or demand anything from him with the weapon. Russel refused to answer any questions regarding his attachments, and then he was taken into custody for felony possession of a prohibited weapon.

Jamarcus Johnson caught with 66 grams of marijuana during altercation with rideshare driver

19-year-old Jamarcus Johnson was with Malachi Russel and multiple individuals with guns, instructing a rideshare driver to take them to various locations in the early hours of March 24th. The driver alerted the authorities, and they were dispatched to Hamilton Crossings near A Harris Dental, where they located the vehicle and conducted a felony stop. Everyone in the car was detained, and during a frisk for weapons, officers located a tan P80 9mm Pistol and over two ounces of marijuana, 66.7 grams. The marijuana was packaged separately in one large container and other small ones, which were in a camouflage backpack in the third row of the vehicle, where Johnson was sitting. Everyone inside the car was Mirandized, during which none of them claimed ownership of the bag and stated they did not know whose it was. Further investigation revealed that the pistol had its serial number removed and that Johnson had an arrest warrant from Smyrna County, TN, for an unrelated charge. Johnson was then taken into custody for possession with intent of a schedule VI drug and the alteration of identification numbers.

Jose Romero threatens man who owes him $3,000 with knife, demands they go to bank

24-year-old Jose Romero had an altercation with Nicolas Garcia-Perez at his Tusculum Road residence late March 23rd. Garcia-Perez spoke with officers when they arrived, advising that he owed Romero $3,000. Garcia-Perez advised that Romero showed up at his house with his girlfriend and mother and started to be verbally aggressive with him. Romero said he wanted Garcia-Perez to pay the money he owed him. Romero then pulled out a knife, demanding Garcia-Perez take him to the bank to get the money. Officers spoke with a witness, who stated they observed Romero pulling out the knife and throwing it in the back of Garcia-Perez’s car when he heard that the police were on the way. Garcia-Perez told them where it was, and officers found the 8-inch kitchen knife. Romero was taken into custody for aggravated assault on March 24th.

Brandon Calloway assaults girlfriend, prevents her from leaving home during argument

23-year-old Brandon Calloway had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Jayla Hall, at their shared Brickmont Drive residence in the early hours of March 13th. At approximately 8:52 a.m., Hall’s father alerted the authorities, stating that his daughter was assaulted and choked by her boyfriend. When officers arrived at his Northbrook Road residence, they spoke with Hall, who said that her boyfriend had choked her in the past, the last time being about a week ago, but advised that he did not do so today. Hall then explained that they had argued, so she tried to leave. However, Calloway stood in the doorway, telling her she was not leaving and that they could talk about it. After this, Hall said she went to the backdoor, but he physically prevented her from leaving, repeating that she should stay so they could talk about it. Then, Hall said she picked up a handful of drywall mud and threw it at him to make him get out of the way. In response, Calloway pushed her to the ground. Hall landed in the mud, got up, and started to walk to her father’s house after Calloway took her car keys. Hall later returned to the location, retrieved her keys, and went back to her father’s home, where she informed him about the incident. Officers then tried to go to their shared Brickmont Drive residence to speak with Calloway, but no contact was made. Calloway was taken into custody for domestic assault and false imprisonment on March 27th.

DUI: Jodie Simpson crashes car on Lebanon Pike after snorting Xanax

45-year-old Jodie Simpson was involved in a car accident on Lebanon Pike late March 27th. When officers arrived, they observed Simpson in the passenger seat, where she advised that she was turning left when an oncoming car hit her vehicle. Officers noticed she showed signs consistent with being under the influence of an opiate. Simpson then stated she was prescribed Gabapentin and Metoprolol, adding that she had not taken any medication since yesterday afternoon. Simpson consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and agreed to provide a chemical sample after being informed about implied consent. Officers detained her and searched her car, during which they located a straw with a blue powdery substance in her purse. The blue powder found in the straw was consistent with her prescription of Alprazolam, a generic version of Xanax. Additionally, officers located her prescription Adderall and discovered that she was not taking the medications as prescribed after checking the date it was filled. Officers obtained a search warrant to obtain two vials of blood and transported her to Nashville General Hospital for the blood draw. Simpson was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence.

Mason Choate fishtails between lanes in Dodge Charger leaving Nissan Stadium

21-year-old Mason Choate was booked on the citation of aggravated reckless driving on March 25th. On February 10th, officers observed him in his white Dodge Charger, leaving the Nissan Stadium parking lot and turning onto South 2nd Street. Choate started spinning his tires, fishtailing across the travel lanes before stopping at South 2nd Street and Shelby Avenue. When the light turned green, he accelerated and spun his tires, causing his vehicle to do a 180-degree spin, so officers conducted a traffic stop and ordered him to get out of his car. During the stop, Choate started reversing his car while arguing with officers, then he stopped and exited his Charger. Choate told officers his back right tire was bad, so he spun out. Choate was cited for the incident that day. Choate was booked on the citation on March 25th.