Brandon Calloway assaults girlfriend, prevents her from leaving home during argument

23-year-old Brandon Calloway had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Jayla Hall, at their shared Brickmont Drive residence in the early hours of March 13th. At approximately 8:52 a.m., Hall’s father alerted the authorities, stating that his daughter was assaulted and choked by her boyfriend. When officers arrived at his Northbrook Road residence, they spoke with Hall, who said that her boyfriend had choked her in the past, the last time being about a week ago, but advised that he did not do so today. Hall then explained that they had argued, so she tried to leave. However, Calloway stood in the doorway, telling her she was not leaving and that they could talk about it. After this, Hall said she went to the backdoor, but he physically prevented her from leaving, repeating that she should stay so they could talk about it. Then, Hall said she picked up a handful of drywall mud and threw it at him to make him get out of the way. In response, Calloway pushed her to the ground. Hall landed in the mud, got up, and started to walk to her father’s house after Calloway took her car keys. Hall later returned to the location, retrieved her keys, and went back to her father’s home, where she informed him about the incident. Officers then tried to go to their shared Brickmont Drive residence to speak with Calloway, but no contact was made. Calloway was taken into custody for domestic assault and false imprisonment on March 27th.

Woman breaks into ex-boyfriend’s home, steals new girlfriend’s purse, money, & keys — Jada Wensil

Metro Police say 20-year-old Jada Wensil convinced a maintenance man to let her into the apartment of her ex-boyfriend from six months prior, at which point she took his new girlfriend’s car keys, purse, and $500 in cash. A witness/neighbor noticed she was there, but didn’t live there anymore, and attempted to block her in with his vehicle, but she was able to flee the scene. She is charged with aggravated burglary, and theft, and is free on a $3,500 bond.