Randy Sagona gets into drunken fight outside Merchants on Broadway

37-year-old Randy Sagona was involved in a fight near Merchants on Broadway in the early hours of June 16th. Around 2:46 a.m., a passerby alerted the authorities, and when they arrived, they observed another male holding Sagona. Officers noticed Sagona was bleeding from his mouth and had a laceration on his right elbow. Officers asked Sagona about the injuries, but he could not answer and continued rambling. During their interaction, he reeked of alcohol and showed signs of impairment as he explained he was with his friends but could not give them any of their names or phone numbers. Sagona was deemed a danger to himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Timothy Hill found passed out drunk outside of Halls Chophouse

37-year-old Timothy Coy Hill was taken into custody for public intoxication on June 16th. A concerned citizen called in, stating that there was an intoxicated male, later identified as Hill, knocking on the windows of Halls Chophouse. The caller added that Hill was now sleeping in front of the establishment’s door. When officers arrived, they located Hill still sleeping and noticed he reeked of alcohol. When he got up, he showed signs of intoxication and spoke incoherently while refusing medical attention. Hill told officers he was in Nashville for vacation but could not tell them where he was staying. He was deemed unable to care for himself and was later detained for the occurrence.

Booster Vanessa Almendarez steals $1,559 worth of merchandise from Target

28-year-old Booster Vanessa Almendarez shoplifted multiple times at Target on Lebanon Pike from July 10th, 2023, to November 28th, 2023. The establishment’s loss prevention agent, Thomas Wahl, observed her stealing on camera several times. During these incidents, she would select items, scan a few at the self-checkout, pay for those, and exit the store with everything, including the unscanned items in her cart, before leaving in her red Ford Focus. On October 18th, 2023, a warrant was issued for her arrest regarding the $1,493.62 worth of stolen merchandise.

Then, on November 28th, 2023, Wahl caught Almendarez after she paid for hand towels at self-checkout and left with $66 of items she did not pay for. She complied with Wahl and went to Target’s loss prevention office but was released before officers arrived. An additional warrant was issued for her arrest on December 5th, 2023. Almendarez was taken into custody for two counts of theft on June 14th, 2024.

Nathan Driscoll assaults friend outside of Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar, says they were “play fighting”

23-year-old Nathaniel James Driscoll had an altercation with his friend in front of Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar around 12:43 a.m. on June 14th. Officers observed Driscoll grabbing his friend’s chin and lifting it before smacking him. After this, the two began wrestling with each other. Officers ordered Driscoll to stop, but he continued to grab onto his friend’s shirt. Officers grabbed Driscoll by his left arm and had to shove him away. Then, Driscoll started yelling and screaming at officers, stating he was not doing anything wrong and only “play fighting” with his friend. When officers tried to arrest him, he ran forward while pulling his arms away until officers took him to the ground and detained him. During a subsequent search, a small bag with a white powdery substance was found in Driscoll’s back pocket, which Driscoll later admitted he believed was cocaine. Driscoll’s friend told officers that Driscoll attacked him for not leaving the bar with him earlier, adding that he did not believe he was trying to “play fight.” Driscoll’s friend did not wish to press charges for the incident. Driscoll was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, simple possession, and resisting arrest.

Dylan Adams throws mustard bottle at girlfriend during argument

25-year-old Dylan Adams had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Alexis Radford, at their Church Street apartment in the early hours of February 19th. Radford told officers that she and Adams had argued, during which he threw a mustard bottle at her. Radford added that she was unsure if the bottle hit her, but that mustard had gotten on her black fleece jacket. Radford stated she wore the jacket to work on February 22nd, and a co-worker texted her saying that her jacket had mustard on it. She showed the texts to the officers. A warrant was issued for Adams’ arrest on February 29th. Adams was taken into custody for domestic assault on June 5th.

Underage DUI: Axel Gutierrez crashes into yard, hides Glock in trashcan after drinking BuzzBall

18-year-old Axel Gutierrez had a single-vehicle accident near Foster Avenue and Peachtree Street on June 16th. While officers were on the way to the location, they read the call text stating that the call-taker heard a male say, “Hide the gun under the seat.” The call text also stated that a witness observed the driver, Gutierrez, and his passenger walk to a trashcan to throw something away.  When officers arrived, they noticed Gutierrez standing on the sidewalk talking to Officer Ranaudo, who told them that he saw Gutierrez in the driver’s seat with the engine on while it was on top of the fence. Then, officers spoke with Gutierrez’s passenger, who initially stated they did not hide anything in the trashcan or say anything about hiding a gun under the seat. During their interaction, Gutierrez had a slight alcoholic odor and showed signs of intoxication before refusing to answer their questions and becoming belligerent.  Officers tried to handcuff Gutierrez, but he resisted. While detaining him, the witness returned to the scene, advising officers that she saw him drive into a soccer goal and drag it until he hit the fence, where the car stopped. Then, she said she saw them run to a trashcan and return to the vehicle. When officers searched the trashcan, they retrieved a Glock 48, which Gutierrez’s passenger said belonged to Gutierrez. Officers later located a BuzzBallz cocktail near the crash site and discovered that Gutierrez did not have a valid driver’s license. Gutierrez was taken into custody for evidence tampering, resisting arrest, underage alcohol consumption, not having a valid driver’s license, weapon possession while under the influence, and driving under the influence.

Chelsea Russell grabs fiancé by ear during argument leaving laceration

32-year-old Chelsea Marie Russell had a domestic altercation with her fiancé, Jesus Arzola-Mariscal, at Rippy’s Honky Tonk in the early hours of June 16th. When officers arrived, they separated the two parties and noticed that Russell had blood on her hands and face, which was not hers. Russell stated that Arzola-Mariscal had fallen earlier and caused a laceration on his ear. When they spoke with Arzola-Mariscal, he stated that they had argued over their kids, during which she reached over and grabbed him by the ear, leaving a minor visible laceration. Russell was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Parker Deaton caught exposing his manhood while urinating in Downtown Nashville Park

22-year-old Parker Andrew Deaton was taken into custody for public indecency and resisting arrest on June 15th. Around 3:04 a.m., patrolling officers noticed Deaton urinating with his genitals fully exposed at a public park near 3rd Avenue South. Officers approached Deaton and told him he could not do that. After Deaton finished urinating, officers told him to “come here” several times. However, Deaton refused and stated he did not have to. Officers then attempted to handcuff him, during which he became resistive, trying to pull away and preventing them from cuffing him. Officers pulled Deaton to the ground, where they had to pry his arms back to arrest him. He was later detained for the occurrence.

Cole Gelso found passed out drunk at Hyatt Place Hotel after following & spitting on guests

21-year-old Cole Gelso caused a disturbance at Hyatt Place Hotel on June 15th. Upon arrival, officers discovered Cole passed out on the floor by the elevators. When officers tried to wake him, he leaned against the wall and pretended he was scrolling on an imaginary phone. Officers then noticed Cole reeked of alcohol and was showing signs of intoxication. Hotel employees advised officers that Cole tried following guests up the elevator and refused to leave. Employees noted that Cole then became aggressive and began spitting on hotel guests. After officers confirmed an active trespass on file for the location, they detained him for the incident. Cole was taken into custody for criminal trespass and public intoxication. 

William A. Southern arrested for threatening brother with knife during city-wide warrant round-up

46-year-old William Antonio Southern was arrested as part of a city-wide warrant round-up. Southern had a domestic altercation with his uncle, William Carl Southern, at his mother’s, Vickie Southern’s, house around 8:30 p.m. on February 27th. Vickie alerted the authorities, advising them that William Antonio and her grandson, Joe Shawn Thompson, had a verbal disagreement. When officers arrived, she further explained that William Antonio was being disorderly. Vickie explained that Thompson told her that William Antonio had put a knife against William Carl’s neck. Officers then spoke with William Carl, who stated while he and William Antonio were playing basketball, William Antonio pulled out a knife and held it to his neck. William Carl did not sustain any injuries in the incident. Since he left, officers obtained a warrant for William Antonio’s arrest.

Then, on March 25th, William Carl Southern called the police, telling them that he came outside while he was at another location and found William Antonio Southern sitting in his backseat. William Carl told William Antonio to leave, but he refused, so William Carl drove to Vickie Southern’s house. When they got there, William Carl went inside to get Vickie, during which William Antonio grabbed a brick and threw it multiple times at his vehicle. This caused the windshield to crack, leaving dents and scratches on the driver’s side door. Then, William Antonio punched William Carl in the face and ran into the woods behind the residence. A warrant was issued for William Antonio’s arrest. William Antonio Southern was taken into custody for aggravated assault, domestic assault, and vandalism on June 12th as part of a city-wide warrant round-up.